On Peter Obi, Mbaka Loses Followers, Lady Ends Relationship For Peter Obi

On Peter Obi, Mbaka Loses Followers, Lady Ends Relationship For Peter Obi

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  1. Me i will call you Abraham

  2. Me am going to call you Abraham

  3. Mbaka right now will already be ashamed of himself, Nigerians are more smarter than him. we have past that era for one old cargo to come out and be deceiving us….nonsense!

  4. i'm so proud of Tasha looking far back when she started getting recognition from BBN and to look to this current level she has attained i must say she's a fearless woman with a lion heart.

  5. I will call my landlord son immediately

  6. I will call my last son.He works out alot..So he needs most of the protein for muscles. 😂

  7. Mad people every where

  8. Am getting confused with Mbaka and Peter 🤷‍♂️ is this story new ones or what happened few years ago. Nigeria should focus on the reality not attacking Mbaka unless something new just happened 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ please can someone correct me.

  9. That Reno is a stupid man,living abroad chucking mouth in Nigeria,let him go back to Nigeria fool.let nmbaka face his call if really he was called and forget about politics.nmbaka said bubu was the best and then bubu bubulize 9ja.

  10. It’s not a flimsy excuse. She wants the best for Nigeria. And the boyfriend must have sounded like he didn’t put the good of Nigeria first. In America, people divorced because of different political norms.

  11. The more I hear about Peter Obi, the more I really appreciate the person he is

  12. I will call my daughter, she take care of the chicken and i enjoy the rice

  13. We need stingy president please ooo, we don't need bullion van president

  14. Bro bro bro you cool mennnnnn …. Analysis is quality…. !!!

  15. Reno can't be serious 😒, he has just not been seeing them that's all

  16. Hello please l want to bring to your notice that yemi Alade is also performing abroad, and is doing very well too. You guys always mention only 3 musicians every time. Why? It's not fair, seun kuti is also performing abroad too

  17. I will call my elder brother

  18. My Husband and first daughter 😎 no cap, that money is coming home😁😁

  19. In my family I don't have anybody to call because am the only one who they said I like food a lot.

  20. Oga how much is your allowance please

  21. Its clear u don't like Peter Obi.. But its fine.. Tinubu understands the game of politics and where has it taken us too?

  22. Is this Reno guy seriously serious???? 🙄
    PS: Peter Obi is prudent and frugal hence “stingy”, that is the point of Bianca’s story.


  24. he didnt mentioned the year, its probably 17 june 2023

  25. my cousin Smart, this chicken even looks like the soft one…my cousin alone almost finished a whole full hard chicken in no time, I was shocked
    for Elizabeth, she've got a great future ahead of her, thanks Abraham, great job

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