Old Hollywood Actresses Who Secretly Slept with Other Women

Old Hollywood Actresses Who Secretly Slept with Other Women

How many Old Hollywood actresses can you think of that were lesbians or bisexual? And do you…


  1. Marilyn Monroe I didn't know she was bisexual.

  2. I think you meant Billie Holiday and not Billie Hollywood.

  3. Well alot of sex goes on in the entertainment business so this doesn't surprise me at all. Alot of People will do whatever it takes and with whom ever all for the Fame and money

  4. OK, now what actors aren't Gay? No matter who might be named as straight…I can't believe it.

  5. A friend and co-worker told me that he went to see one of Hepburn's live shows where she wore a man's suit and called herself "he" throughout.

  6. A foot in both camps how do you know who you really our

  7. Hollywood has always been full of oddities.

  8. What ever happened to Mary Jane :,,,)

  9. There was a lot of sleeping around in Hollywood by both sexes, with both sexes. That doesn’t mean there was actually a romance, though. A well known female entertainer slept with multiple women (and men), but only had what could be called a romance with one of the women. As soon as she found a man she fancied, the female romance was over. Happened the other way, too.

  10. Some of these facts are not so ……

  11. How I long for the days when hollywierd knew its place instead of targeting children.

  12. If you’re looking for credibility calling it ‘Whatever happened to Mary Jane’ ain’t a good way to start.

  13. Probably the Black Women who won an Oscar!

  14. Seriously? Dude can’t pronounce Dietrich’s name correctly, and doesn’t bother to get the iconic movie title correct? Mary Jane? Unbelievable.

  15. 😅😂🤣It's "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" not Whatever Happened To Mary Jane (you said Mary at 8:37)😅😂🤣 Is there something you're tryin to tell us?

  16. Who the hell really gives a shit?

  17. Hattie McDaniels was gay?
    There was no question that she was straight.
    Whoa, that blew my mind.

  18. People were too classy to label or discuss sexual orientation publicly, most likely like my ww2 gen grandparents sex was a private matter

  19. 👍🏻 Go beaver bumpers Go!

  20. I agree with some of the comments: It's nobodies business…and who really cares?… what these dead (…yes DEAD!) movie stars did when they were alive. It was their lives, and they did what they did to put some enjoyment into it. That's their business. I still enjoy watching some of their old movies, and what they did in their personal lives, I could care less.

    Remember, these people are dead now, and give them some type of respect…and not smear their names with some dirty rumors (I could have said "shit"). Let the dead rest in peace.

  21. Yea, Hepburn did it, I mean them all.

  22. Stan wick doesn’t look good enough to have been a Zeigfield Girl.

  23. Next thing we will be told is that Liberace was gay. I always thought he was a bit flamboyant, but in our day (the 1950s) we did not even really think about those things.

  24. Despite several marriages, Judy Garland was supposedly in several relationships with other women, including a possible fling with Lana Turner. Also why she married bisexual men.

  25. Hollywood was and still is a pit!

  26. Hattie McDaniel? That sure is out of the corn fields!

  27. Well let's not criticize people or say ugly things about people either!

  28. Women getting in touch with their inner dog.

  29. Do a video: VD of the stars. These stars were co- mingling with each some much, they must have been passing VD between them.
    Was their the flynn gonorrhea or Mickey Rooney crabs 🦀?

  30. I was surprised to hear of Hattie McDaniel.

  31. None I knew about them all.

  32. Well, GOD has made it clear that its wrong…and people can be defiant if they choose in this life, but in your next, remember ETERNITY is forever.

  33. Billie Holiday and Hattie McDaniel's were the shockers for me

  34. I don't know what's wrong, but I have slowed down the playback speed on this video all the way back to 25%. It still is playing at 100% speed. Way to fast to read!
    Suddenly at about 20seconds the speed changed and slowed down. A little later the speed picked up pace again. I tried to change the speed again, but the information was speeding ut didn't slow down. It was finally easier to pause and restart multiple times

  35. The errors in this made my ears bleed

  36. Whatever Happened to BABY JANE? Not Mary Jane

  37. LOOKS like it's true that you have to be gay to work in Hellywood

  38. But, when you are grown and of age; you can do anything you want to with your Coochie, Moochie, Woochie as long as it is consensual……and especially clean and STD free!!

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