NYPD test launches electric cars

NYPD test launches electric cars

The New York City Police Department has launched a test flight of nearly 200 electric cars in an…


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  1. everyone is praising electric and loving it talking down on gas cars( like they didn't grow up with gas cars or don't say you thought about the environment 10-20 years ago)….. but why aren't planes going electric and boats…maybe cause they aren't dependable and its all just for show in cars

  2. The ROI on EVs for police departments is actually huge. Maintenance and fuel costs are huge cost drivers.

  3. You going to put the stank #zz homless guy in that back seat – the leather ? Oh yes…$65 K for one car that the undercarriage will fall apart in 2-3 years. Too techy and fragile for jumping curbs and blasting alleys –

  4. They better not start go electric FDNY rigs

  5. man that car looks sick!

    hopefully someone makes a grand theft auto 5 mod for this car.

  6. They will run out it better during a chase. 😂

  7. these things will not be able to keep up in a pursit. they will die off so fast

  8. CBS is allowed to report positively on this because they aren't using tesla's 😂

  9. Los angeles did the same with i3's but ended up storing and never using them.

  10. This is brilliant for a car thief. Steal an ICE vehicle with a full tank, and make the cops in the electric vehicles chase you for miles….(75 miles should do it going at full speed 🤣🤣🤣)

  11. The Money what these E-cars will save,will be lost in the time when they have to load up.🥴

  12. Don't run away, my car is out of battery. Let me charge and continue. lol Are you kidding me ? What will you do if the escaped car is a gasoline-powered Dodge Viper?

  13. How's it greener? Where do they think the electricity in NYC comes from?

  14. This is a no brainer but they should have opted for Teslas. They are faster and have more range.

  15. How did those electric garage trucks work out the first time they had to push snow???

  16. The math ain't you trade one for another all that fuel you don't pay for your really saving anything but that electric bill is going to crazy them ain't going to last as long with host of weather issue your better off with your current fleet than any eletric car fleet. Do the math.

  17. Mopars gonna outrun these battery toys all day long

  18. they making it too easy for him @wheres981

  19. Hopefully the chase won't be too long!

  20. I hope it has PEDALS, so that when the power runs out, they can get it moving…LMAO

  21. Mach e bouncy suspension on display.

  22. Smells alot like.. car lobbyism from one brand..!. It would make much more sense using Hydrogen fueled cars. Or a cheaper Nissan leaf or at least a hybrid.

  23. about damn time lol they took longer than expected

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