NYC Black Mayor And D.A. In No Hurry To Get Justice For Jordan Neely

NYC Black Mayor And D.A. In No Hurry To Get Justice For Jordan Neely

Demetra Kaye reports on New York City Mayor Eric Adams and District Attorney Alvin Bragg being in no hurry to get justice for Jordan Neely by charging Daniel Penny.
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  1. These New York guys are suckers they are white butt kissers

  2. Can you imagine in a parallel universe where there would be a lynch mob outside of dudes house?

  3. Neel was a terrorist. Putting fear in people

  4. Where has been the justice for those that ride the train to get to work and to not be bothered by someone that shouldn't have been there to start with. He should have been in a hospital or at a place where he could get help but the leadership in that city is crap. This is their fault.

  5. Jordan Neely is Talented I’m sick 😔♉️♌️♏️♒️😳

  6. You heard an entirely different version of what this poor baby said on the train. The marine is a hero people like you are the reason why society is in the sad state it's in You're all delusional

  7. Blacks need to be protected from their own race, not from the white man.

  8. Get a grip. No crime was committed

  9. Everyone that was in that subway is guilty

  10. Daniel Pinning committed murder

  11. Stop the vote No reparations equal No votes

  12. No votes form the blks stop the vote

  13. Hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  14. 💯!🔋TRUTH 🔋! RIP🌿🕊🙏🏿

  15. They are in no hurry to do anything because they want a certain action or reaction to happen like May of 2020 incursion that's what they want so they can open up the 15 minute cities pay attention people or we make sure that they never get reelected again this is wrong what they are doing get them out of office now

  16. Very good points sista.

  17. Get em all the hell outta here. Useless

  18. Justice for Daniel Penny. Woke madness this guy was going around putting others in danger that Marine is a hero taking the trash out of society

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