Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones Ep. 1

Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones Ep. 1

On Noisey Presents, bands and musician invite us to their homes, rehearsal places or their favorite spots to play live a selection of…


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  1. seems like this is going to be an interesting series

  2. Que magnifico que me encontré otro grupo Mexika😍😍😍😍

  3. I can't get over how effing awesome this is. Mexicas rock!!!🤘🎸🇲🇽

  4. That first song gave me Los Saicos vibes. This band is sick.

  5. De lujo..!
    Aquí les comparto uno de mis clips:
    Ni un paso atrás..!
    Saludos 👨🏻‍🚀

  6. I'm into this, Los Cogelones son un tesoro necesario para la humanidad, í nuestro planeta que no sabe que son fronteras. They're a very necessary treasure for the world and humankind.

  7. Ahuevo qe si México presente en todo el mundo banda ya se la saben ….. ésto si es rock …… saludos banda dsd el Estado de México

  8. Muy padre, pero no podemos regresar al pasado, al contrario, debemos evolucionar, ir hacia el primer mundo, el hombre se adapta a todas las circunstancias, me gusto mucho, aunque no me siento identificado (soy del norte, Mty) pero suena chido.

  9. The Prophecy will be fulfilled ;
    The Eagle and The Condor will Reunite once more ;
    The people of the North and The people of South will reunite once more again ;
    Aztlan and Tawatinsuyu will be come ONE

    To my Mestizo brothers and sisters
    my native brotha and sista

  10. Noisey staff got it wrong- this tune has no heavy punk influence. This is Psychedelic Rock, Better and Great. Like.

  11. What state are they from Mexico 🇲🇽? It’s nice to see mi gente in indigenous garb and making music from their souls. 💖

  12. I need to learn Spanish fluently. No one rocks en Inglés anymore.

  13. I dig it!

    A Spanish version of the Fuuture The Doors

  14. Rock music is going to some incredible places now that it’s no longer mainstream. #DecolonizePunkRock

  15. I've noticed some of the band members had marks on their chest. Is that something part of tradition or culture? If anybody knows, I'm quite intrigued.

  16. Why representation matters. To see yourself reflected back in a beautiful and strong way. So awesome

  17. This is U.K. style punk rock. In spanish. Trash not traditional or original.

  18. So rad…Just bought their LP…

  19. Bad ass..I gotta book em for a show here in Los Angeles..or in Tijuana

  20. I’m livin for this. This is strength, this is music. This is a movement !
    Mi gente hermosas

  21. These dudes are Kick Ass !!!🤘🏼💪🏼💃🏽🤘🏼💪🏼🤘🏼💪🏼🕺🏻

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