Nightlife – Beaches – Attractions | Why You MUST Visit Dakar, Senegal!

SHOCKED | Nobody Told Me Dakar, Senegal Would Be Like This!!

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  1. The reason why Ngor beach is more crowded than Yoff beach is because Yoff beach has very strong currents and there’s more probability to drown meanwhile Ngor beach is very tame thanks to the Island that block most of the big waves. Also there’s more attractions in Ngor that’s why people prefer going there, it’s always overcrowded in summers and on Sundays. But yeah if you go there it’s always better to go to the Island for a better experience.

  2. I'm American and flew into Dakar from the U.S. back in 2021. No one asked me before boarding my flight in the U.S about a yellow fever card….which I shouldn't have been asked since there is no high risk of transmission in the U.S. and falls under Senegalese law. But when I got to Senegal Immigration, I was asked for it. I didn't have it, so I had to dole out some cash (under the table). My thinking is that Immigration has no time trying to verify who is coming from what country (although newer systems are being put in place around the world to verify). Just because a person has a passport of a country where there is no high risk of transmission doesn't mean that is the country where that person is coming from. So Immigration asks everyone for a yellow fever card. That's just my assumption. I'm going to Kenya this month. Even though Kenya has the same rule and I shouldn't need a card, I went ahead and got a yellow fever shot last month anyway. Besides, I probably will do African and/or South American trips in the future that require a card. So the cost of the shot ($190) was worth it for me.

  3. Love this video. Do you have any tips or know any other YouTuber who can give a perspective on traveling there as a solo female. I don't find countries different in traveling as female vs male, other than nightlife.


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