Nigerians Banned From Joining Fight In Ukraine

Nigerians Banned From Joining Fight In Ukraine

Wongel Zelalem reports on Nigeria saying it will not allow its nationals to join the fight in Ukraine where Russian forces are bombing cities and rattling neighborhoods with gunfire.

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  1. What is wrong with our people? Are we that lost.why !!!

  2. Why in the world after what they have been seeing and what they know would want to even go there and fight for WS Ukraine 🤨 glad they were stopped shout out to Nigerian government.🌟👍💯good

  3. They going too die in 2 seconds
    this is not our war

  4. Sorry I just find Nigerians very confusing. I just don't understand the psyche of these people I am sorry. Why would Nigerians even contemplate going to any country to fight when they have their own problems as a country to contend with? It's just mind boggling.

  5. At last Nigeria Government is showing some Pride

  6. Seems our ppl are mentally challenged!!!! Damn stupid!!! Why would these grown men need to be told not to sign up to go fight a war that has nothing to do with them? Especially ppl who hates their black arse?

  7. They had to be BANNED from fighting for a white supremacist country…talk about a slave mentality. smdh

  8. Me I don't understand our people's go fight for what this is our problem☹

  9. They shouldn't fight for the country. If you can't be a citizen after I fight for you. You shouldn't fight.

  10. Why would they want to fight for the Ukraine

  11. Bro this guys are not going for war…. This is all about opportunities to enter into Europe 😀😀😀

  12. Please show the Facebook post of the Ukraine Embassy's post. Thanks

  13. Shame on those Nigerians trying to join a war that has nothing to do with them


  15. Why is Ulraine dragging africa in their war and what is wrong with these black men? Ukraine Gov is playing a game.

  16. Where was they when all them young black girls was kidnapped from school?

  17. I am glad that Nigeria has told them white people to fight your own war..

  18. Yes stay home an mine the baby's 👍🏾👍🏾😊

  19. Please…..Let's mind our black business. This is NOT our fight! Let those people destroy each other. This has nothing to do with us.

  20. All the racism from that country
    I dont think so
    Wat 🤡 would do this 4 there oppressors

  21. That is the reality let them fight there own war this is not Nigerians or African war

  22. Too bad for those half bred children from mixed marriages.

  23. This just shows how destitute the Nigerian people are to want to fight for a European country! Damn Shame, shame on Nigeria. 😥

  24. What is wrong with Black people, I despair 😞!

  25. That would be a fools errand. They would be fighting for neo nazism. People that really can’t stand our guts. Turns out ol Putin was right

  26. Good job finally. No more canon fodder

  27. I’m glad Africans are smartening up on this war issue … Nigerians seem to be book smart but not common sense smart maybe now that’s changing

  28. Not Our Fight Not Our War Not Our Business Black People Let Them White People Handle That 💯.

  29. Nonsense move by the Nigerian government. Nigerians (who are silly enough to join Ukraine military) should be allowed to join the Ukraine military ; most likely those Nigerians will not return alive to Nigeria

  30. Thank you Jesus🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Glory to God. I've been praying to God about this.

  31. Thank goodness. Someone with a little sense.

  32. Let them do what they want if they're doing all that they clearly don't want to be in Nigeria anymore oh well

  33. GOOD!! From now on no more giving our lives to other countries when it doesn't benefit us. Ukraine showed they're hands towards us and after that they should fight they're own

  34. Who has ever came to black Americans aid?????

  35. They are not just discriminating on our melinated family but Ukraine has a document history of openly harbouring Nazi's in thier army's and police force they even took over thier capital just before the war started.

  36. Praise GOD my brothers for this is not your fight

  37. Hell Ukraine wouldn't show up to Fight for Afrikan Freedom.

  38. The Ukraine isn't worthy of the assistance of any Afrikan/Afro Diasporans….after Ukraine exercised Racism against Afrikans/Afro Diasporans…

  39. Nah. They might have placed you all on the front line after throwing stones and hiding hands.

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