Nigerian Youths Storm The Streets For Mohbad Tribute As Mohbad Family FIGHT Dirt每 Over Davido GIFT馃槼

Nigerian Youths Storm The Streets For Mohbad Tribute As Mohbad Family FIGHT Dirt每 Over Davido GIFT馃槼

Nigerian Youths Pay Final Respect To Mohbad As They Give Final Tribute, Mohbad Family Cl脿sh Over Davido Cash Gift As Davido Righthand man Morgan Dmw Challenge Sam Larry Over Mohb脿d De脿th..


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  1. People should stop.asking the man questions.

  2. And can't still blame dem bcx the family self no dey alright in terms of funds its was the step mother pushing dat man I swear but u self get children ooo

  3. They won't understand now it was later dey will knw wat dey lost I swear

  4. Y u dey say in family dey concern about money but it's people asking him papa about the money sent by Obo and other things

  5. His father do nothing rong you people should leave him alone

  6. In African one thing is that i know never fight rich people ever if they are the ones that state it because no justice when it comes to poor people 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩

  7. We want justice for mohbad

  8. Why will this so called 馃 father be after his late son 馃嵓 money 馃挵馃挵 now even after , he don't suppose to , because this poor boy have a child that's have only six months old , which his wife or the mother has to bring up , for that no body should give that so called father 馃 any money 馃挵 again , instead give the money to his wife and his baby 馃嵓

  9. No government, no justice. No olokpa馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄

  10. Truth talk let him come and say what Mohbad did to him to beat him up馃槩

  11. Something is wrong somewhere

  12. Make una leave the father alone… Things are discussed during discussion it's what's asked that you answer… So, make dem leave the money for the car dealer abi. Everything has to be followed up. Abeg post relevant things

  13. That mohbad father talk to much to much someone that just lost his son get mouth they answer questions in the name of interview

  14. Talk about his killers and stop talking about his father.

  15. OMG…. I never knew this boy was the one that sang KPK. This is one of the songs that my staff play in my hotel everyday. What a loss of talent. Presently I'm sick because of this development and I'm typing this in the middle of the night. Naira Marley is doomed! Ever since he said that he would love to have affairs with both mother and daughter, I knew his end would be disastrous. Late Adah Ameh ( domitila) called him out then.
    I'm 63 and I know what it takes to lose a child, but his father didn't do well. I even saw a video of him where he was somehow defending the drug addicted dead odour guy. Why burying his son in such a hurry circumstances. If mohbad had mother, the story would have been different. Hear this naira Marley: This is the beginning of the end of your music career, calamity upon calamity will befall you and Sam Larry from now !
    What do you expect in a country that's being ruled by cultists, drugs peddlers, killers and corrupt politicians.
    I hate to say may his soul rest in peace until justice is done.All those that have hands in his death would not have peace for the rest of their lives!

  16. 馃槀 you boys don鈥檛 know this issue is between eye and aye, the more you look the less you see鈥.

  17. Y'all know about XXX Tentacion's death?
    Same story all through!

  18. Where you dey when he was beating mohbad up and down,it is now you can talk,you are mad..

  19. This man has done nothing wrong, they ask him questions and he answered.

  20. Too bad yes!!!! Yes he can't go free

  21. Everybody just de trend on the guy matter馃槩

  22. This man de make me vex i swr… You de receive money you still de ask for shit, shey money de necessary like this?

    Now the poor friend go receive curse from street boys because of one million.. you wan go collect money for motor when you are not the next of kin, this nah craze

  23. Mohbad, needs a documentary movie鈥 and please the neck bend for d coffin 鈿帮笍

  24. When this boy cry out you didn鈥檛 hear it right this is medicine after death

  25. two of them should wait for payback

  26. Just a correction,mohbad father can't organize his son burial because in Yoruba culture ,it's not proper, he's to delegate it to someone else

  27. See sam larry forehead, that says alot about his muslim background. Esin jagidijagon from saudi and egypt. Yoruba man wey dey practise emi okunkun for sure!

  28. To me I so much believe that the family knows what happened to him, bad people and some bad family everywhere馃槧

  29. Even this mohbad brother no get sense… Ogbeni get out you know get word for mouth…big shame to your family…when samlarry was tormenting and frustrating your brother why can't you fight for him 馃槒now you are here making mouth …they still burry him with depression casket

  30. God bless David 鉂も潳

  31. Y didn't you open up before now

  32. That man a is lier…..why did he buy mohbad quickly without autopsy….am talking as a parent.
    Why did there share his property so quickly…who is he not producing the nurse…this man is hiding something…nobody asked him to quickly Bury him..

  33. You are cashing on views, u are doing well bringing content. Bloggers hmm

  34. We want justice 鈿栵笍

  35. Is good how he spoke out because they kept carrying the rumors that he was giving 2million naira.

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