Nigerian Narrates How Norwegian Police Framed, Arrested and Deported Him For Being Black

Nigerian Narrates How Norwegian Police Framed, Arrested and Deported Him For Being Black

Titi Festos, a Nigerian who has been living in Norway since 2006 speaks of how he was deported by the Norwegian Police on trumped-up…


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  1. She prolly watching this and laughing. These women are as cool as ice. Some men turned their back on they kids coz they couldn't deal with the drama. Some doing time for framed crimes. I feel for you my g. African guys need to woke up tbh. We relax too much.

  2. What a victim! Best country in the world! If u cant make it in norway, u cant make it any where!

  3. Lol women rule the west, don't mess with the women.


  5. There is always lot of police in danmark s place specially near by the arab shop,lot of drugs dealers and the home of the drug addicts is there in laksvåg,police are always following black people,sometimes until your house,you parc your car,they come and check on you…some years ago they had arrest a group of 11 nigerians drug dealers,bergen is one of the worser place for black people in this world

  6. Norway is a very strict country and this guy just got himself deported based on his own stupidity and unfortunately he doesnt even realised that he is the caused of his deportation by consistuting nuisance to the country.1st unrinating on the street ,2ndly fighting his woman over kid issues and his wife family in norway. 3dly he went to prison = criminal conviction leads to revocations of ur residency straight away . stack illiterate idiot.

  7. This is a very stupid report from this idiot nigerian man , first and foremost you cant leave nigeria or your country and go to another man country and be treathening to their citizens regardless of whether u are right or wrong , the family of your wife or police officer have a duty of responsibilty to protect there citizens first, its everywhere in the world, there citizens first ,you should have tried to avoid troubles with your norwegian people(woman, in europe are always right ), and please bro stop that your foolish international law u are quoting, the country law supercedes international law, finally, imagine an illegal immigrant that is making stupid troubles in a country u are not welcome. idiot. Nigerian embassy wont involves with such a case bcos u are illegal immigrant ,

  8. So many things that led to your deportations, you were giving them many red flags, not because you're black, NEXT

  9. Nobody deports you for your skin but because you are an illegal

  10. This seems like personal matter if dem tell u no show brother no show . finish

  11. "……JUST BECAUSE I 'WEE-ED' HERE?" Amongst other things that you said….. You make it sound as if it is normal to be peeing in the bush in public. Even in Nigeria, it is wrong to pee on the streets or in public places that have not been designated as Public toilets and you are in a country where it is also wrong. Oh, oh you knew it was wrong to pee and had already told yourself that you would pay a fine if caught, no? … Meanwhile, your story doesn't add up. Where did the Norwegian fiancee come from now? She isn't your daughter's mum, is she? And Malta again??? Oga, honestly what you're saying really doesn't add up and I see/hear a lot of Redflags in your "reportage"…. perhaps you should have spoken in your language and English subtitles be included because NO WAY is what you just spoke NOT DODGY.

  12. Bro when a tree falls where he falleth there it layette ,the righteous may fall 7 time but shall rise again .my bro dust yourself make you enter road again Norway no be only good country for planet earth many good countries dey…Always be prayerful….good luck

  13. The story really looks fuzzy. The topic is misleading to what he just said. Were you deported or you left by yourself to attend a visa interview in Lagos? Is your fiancée also the mother of your 🧒? Sahara reporters will not help you. I wish you good luck 🍀 it is well

  14. He did not play his game right

  15. Is white woman game after split but he was not smart on the game, he should have tell police he think he got diabetics when he feel it he can’t hold it so he go to his doctors after.

  16. Understand your struggle but you made a big mistake bro. You can never go to your baby mama's house alone after you guys have conflicts, even if the house belongs to both of you. You can't go alone without witness or even ask police to escort you. Seriously you made the biggest mistake and you are still on residence card. But I think you forget that you are a foreigner in a foreign land. Well I think all you need now is to focus on how to settle down in Nigeria because with the situation of things now in Europe and you are a deportee, it would be hard to get a visa approved by any embassy. It will already be on the system. Just my opinion though. Good luck.

  17. This guy you not smart is about your daughter

  18. It’s sound like white woman game

  19. This man is not smart from the beginning of his problem from the time he decided to go his baby mama house and start fighting with her family knowing fully well that you are not a citizen.

  20. Nigerian embassy can not help you when you have problem outside the country

  21. What I don’t understand about we Nigerians is that we always know how to quote international laws and ask for justice ONLY in oyinbo country. Why not also quote Nigeria laws and ask for justice in NIGERIA!

  22. Among all Europe countries UK is the only one that practice human rights.

  23. Sorry but nobody is going to help you. Start up a grocery store in your village, get yourself a cool lovely wife and live long.

  24. Seems to me that his ex-wife was Norwegian. I live in the same town that he´s speaking of (I´m of Namibian origin, but I was born & raised in Norway, thus I have citizenship) . The child protective services over here has gotten quite a bit of flak (and rightly so) this last year, I wonder if they were involved.

    That being said, even though Norway doesn´t have the same history of colonization & slavery as many other European countries, that doesn´t mean that they´re any less racist here. They (like any other white) WILL stick together, no matter what. Unlike African people, who will come up with any excuse under the sun for why they (we) cannot act as one.

    We must focus on rebuilding Africa. That way we don´t have to migrate to anywhere else in order to live a decent life. We owe that to ourselves and last but definitely not least, to our children.

  25. Sahara reporter please watch this video again and identify what you could have done better. Visual quality is not sufficient for a great interview.

  26. Mr Man next time you want to get a Norwegian residency/passport make sure you stick to the white woman you started with, white women are smart and know when you use them, guy this is not 🇳🇬 Nigeria!!!! She had a baby for you yet you left her what do you expect? Europeans don't want Africans in their countries especially broke ones!!!!

  27. I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Psalm 37:25

  28. Mom of daughter is not from a good family. Just focus on your daughter. Mom seems unable to keep her parents from her situation. They've even affected your US visa process. Probably will not be the last things those parents affect. Moving to the USA will not get their yoke off of you.

  29. Charity begins @ home. The jungle background is what got you messed up. No 1 pees on d streets when they have public places u could use. Part of learning is to understand the culture n history of where u reside. Obviously u have learned nothing from the few years you were there. You must live in Norway with a Norwegian ideals . What u did is living in Norway the Nigerian way n it does not work there.

  30. Get someone in your embassy and give him a lil tips.. it may help .. so they take up the case for you

  31. Contact a lawyer in Norway. There are human right agencies in Norway that are readily willing to take up your case..

  32. A country that has a dead man as the president. what do you expect from the embassy.. they are all living dead . non functional.. lifeless sets of people. the time you start being more aggressive and start beating them up like the guy in London did by destryong their cars.. better start beating them up instead of their cars.. when one politician is beating and burnt alive.. all of them will wake up. Your freedom is in your hand. I don't know how one percent of the population, the rulers.. will be stronger than 200 million people..

  33. What would it take for us to know that the West is racist?

  34. My brother am sorry, first you are the cause of your problem because you left your baby mama wanting to move to US with your wife without doing the needful. She and your daughter gave you resident permit and there is an authority (youths office) in Germany it's called (Jugendamt)with the help of your lawyer who could have helped you in getting your own side of child's right over your daughter for you to share same right with your baby mama and stay legal there. You were deported because (1) your permit has expired . (2) you have no caring right over your daughter which normal should be 50% as the mother and should give you the right to remain in that country legally . Mind you that Nigeria embassy has nothing to offer on this because it is a family issue and should be handled with your lawyer, the child's care unit, your baby mama and eventually the court.

  35. Hello SaharaTV, I just watched this very sad story of what happened to this guy in Norway… Is really sad, but not out of the question for things like this to happen to Nigerians oversees mostly in Europe . The authorities in those countries know that the Nigerian Embassy won't do a thing to help her Citizens.. So, they feel a sense of pride to do this over and over again to Nigerians. That said, all hope is not lost for this guy… Could you guys reach him, and inform him on what he needs to do as soon as possible … This are steps he needs take right away…. (1) Get in contact with his Fiance in the USA, and ask her to look for a Good Attorney that specializes in filing (I -601 waiver ). Once (I-601 waver) is filed on his behalf and approved …. then the Embassy or consult in Nigeria would then issue him a K-1 visa to join his finance in the USA. The process normally takes anywhere from 8 to 12 months or even faster in some cases. Here's the name and Address of a good Lawyer with a great track record when it comes to filing I-601 waver and getting approved. Please, SAHARA TV, do all you can to reach this our brother with the information below soonest.

    Irene Vaisman, Esq.

    11 Broadway

    Suite 615

    New York, NY, 10004

    Office (646) 681-5385

    Fax (212) 480-8560


    Good luck my brother.. Hope everything works out for in the end. Injustice to one person… Is injustice to every Human being.. regardless of race or geographic origin …. Be strong brother.. I feel your pain … But you will smile at the end..

  36. Everlasting solution to all this intimidation against black people is BIAFRA, total separation from Nigeria is the final solution,

  37. my brother, sorry but you are not been honest here and better save the little money you have instead of wasting the little you have to come here to cry, nobody helped you when you where there what makes you think that anyone will help you now, i know how you guys behave when you have a baby with white, i have been living in Oslo 20 years, so the better you forget this the better for you.

  38. if you are in a foreign land you just have to be very mindful..You cant be weeing around..You are not in Nigeria..

  39. So many loopholes in this story.. I will address this story based on what and how i know the Nordic System works.. I hope i will be proven wrong by anyone who's listened to this guy and who's got stronger counter arguments to support this guys narrative which for the moment i want to label as one-sided, biased and most likely false. Here are my points and experiences as Nigerian who's lived in one of the Nordic countries for 5 years now.
    1. This guy must've arrived Norway as a "Refugee" seeking asylum.
    2. One quick way of bypassing an Asylum application you know will fail is by getting a citizen pregnant or getting married with one. I know he was involved in either one and a child was produced from the union.
    3. Now because of this "marriage or union", he was very likely given a one year Norwegian residence permit on the basis of family ties to the woman. Now have it in mind that this woman must've signed his initial residence application permit forms for him.
    4. He very likely had issues with this woman before his residence permit expired, compelling his now baby mama to refuse to sign his residence permit renewal forms on the basis of same family ties.
    5. In desperation, he very likely got into another relationship with the hope of using another woman to get his about to expire residence permit renewed.

    On the issue of meeting his baby mama at the parking lot for the purpose of baby exchange.
    1. This guy had no issue exchanging words with his baby mama or her parents if there was a legally agreed child Custody Agreement in place. Norwegians are law abiding and will adhere to such agreements to the extent that it satisfies the law and court that issued such custody agreement. There was no such agreement in place, and you allowed yourself to be lured to a family's private property only to be allegedly engaged in fist 👊 fights with your so-called in-laws.
    4. While you had your residence permit valid, i will ask: Did you work?
    Did you pay child support to your baby mama?

    Sometimes Nordic women go crazy, but not all the time.

    5. Every deportation notice comes with a well exclaimed violation you have committed and the resulting decision. If you had no valid and binding basis to renew your residence permit in Norway, then you have to leave before the expiration of your valid residence permit.

    Let us know what you did.. Refusing to pay a fine could land you in jail if Norwegian laws say so. I am sure this was clearly communicated in the fine you received. You should've paid first and then challenged the fine decision through an appeal which is always offered in the fine decision..
    I don't think this dude is saying the truth. But i hope i am wrong..

  40. While I sympathize with him on the racist treatment he suffered (if true), the point is that our people tarnish our image at will overseas. Many of our Nigerians are unruly and uncivilized. How can you live in Norway for 8 years and still urinate in "the bush"? You just confirmed yourself to be an undesirable alien. I've lived in a foreign country for about 10 years and can't remember urinating outside a toilet/urinal for once. It's not that I've not felt the urge to urinate outside my home/office, but you have to be disciplined until you reach a bathroom like every civilized human being.

  41. I think the whole issue is that you broke up with the Norwegian girl. They will make your daughter grow up without a father. Welcome to Europe. Nothing new here. You make children with them for documents and they decide to fight you back illegally. Both of you are wrong. Both you and the people fighting you are wrong.

  42. what an insult! look at whats going on with nigerians abroad because government doesnt exist in nigeria. just look at the level nigeria has descended to…upon all what these guy went through,he is still struggling to get back to his enemy.if nigeria is condusive for human beings,these guy wouldnt be comlaining and struggling to go back or going to any other country. "my guy ,you are in another man's land" stop dragging,they dont want you. The problem you guys face most of the time is that white people brainwashed you in the church that marriage is fo better for worst,while their own is mostly temporarily. take heart and settle elsewhere if possible,one day ,your kid would grow mathured and look for you through same nigerian embassy. but make sure your information is always with nigerian embassy.and also dont forget to keep all your case document intact because in future, you shall use it to convince your daughter on how you were maltreated to deportation. right now they are indoctrinating her inorder to hate you because you are no longer arround,they will tell your child every bad thing about you while you are not..thats the way they are because you did not understand white women because you just got infatuated. those people are like flowers o! they love and cherrish you when there is money and your stud is still very sharp and active, and your macho is still fit. oh poor black men!!!!

  43. Ur problem big pass Nigerians

  44. Nigeria embassy is not working outside Nigeria 🇦🇪

  45. So sad dou
    Hearin this ugly story
    Sorry, hope u get back on track soon
    GOD bless
    All the Best

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