#NEWSHOUR Will DP Ruto be kicked out of the ruling Jubilee party? One on one with Mwangi Kiunjuri

#NEWSHOUR Will DP Ruto be kicked out of the ruling Jubilee party? One on one with Mwangi Kiunjuri

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  1. Even if ruto is kicked out, he remains out dp until Aug 2022.So if raila wants to be made dp thro the back door it will not happen. Jubilee is dead, and uda is the most popular party in kenya 🇰🇪.

  2. Kanu style. That's how we get other partiers. Ok Jubilee made its self an opposition. Now Uhuru Jubilee and ODM are in gov, now here Kenyans .goes with Ruto.

  3. My message to Hon.Kiunjuri is
    1. Do not come in between us n Ruto
    2. Our loyalty n love to Hustler is direct without Broker(s)
    3. Stop trying to manipulate WSRuto build,grow your party let's meet after 2022 with what you lay at the table
    4. Stop dwelling n basking on the past glory coz ground ime shift ,mambo kwa ground ni different
    5. Do not lie Rao has achieved any inroads …am also from there
    6. Stop being a saboteur of Hustler Nation movement …We will punish you

  4. Hii Kenya iliisha Waume wakutawala apart from same old unproductive repetitive scheming..lot?!?
    In a 47led tribal folks of kenya.cant we have new blood lines minus past old avengers in their blood flows that keep all.kenyans constantly vexed n torn apart on their behalf?!?
    Pisheni wanawake basi!

  5. Another guy who was humiliated by Uhuru infront of a Public address. Na bado anamfuatafuata.
    When will we Kenyans re-learn from the past history?

  6. honourable Kiunjuri, burning of schools started b4 covid, you seem to b justifying

  7. Jubilee mbaado iko????????¿?

  8. jubilee had copied Kanu, ODM, Terror groups wayd of operating, only them are never at fault, they are openly promoting ODM:s interests, campaigning for Raila, we will be ignorant n naive if we can't see what Jubilee doing, now n in future Kenya is a one party state,

  9. Lots of respect to Kiunjuri, no hard feelings to competitors nor propaganda 👍🏾

  10. Kiunjuri is a barometer of a good politician. He presents as a very respectful politician.

  11. Ukiona nzige ipige picha utumie kiunjuri… this man is a joke! anyway, its good he's not joined yUDA.

  12. I am sure he will support Raila, good move.

  13. Why is Ken asking kiunjuri a TSP party leader questions about jubilee does it mean KTN have no meaningful content to broadcast?

  14. If elected maybe Ruto can change constitution and stay in power kama m7 labda ajibu hio swali kabla


  15. this man kiunjuri is intelligently sober, simple and humble. keep it up and leadership will always work with you.

  16. 👉☻ – MWANGI KIUNJURI DOES NOT want to Believe what MSALITI RUTO Said that "You Either LEAVE your Political Parties and Join UDA or I will talk to you After I have been Elected the president of kenya".👈
    👉🇰🇪 – And by the Way the Meeting that RAILA ODINGA had in WITU, Ukambani was Endorsed by FOUR (4) GORVERNORS of UKAMBANI.👈

  17. huyu aim yake ilikua kudeputize ruto of which ni tricky

  18. Mr Kiunjuri is a wise person he is just warning the Dp

  19. ECCLESIASTES 10:19….but money answerth all things
    All traps failed to catch Jesus Christ but when Chief of Priests gave 30 silver coins (money) to Judas they succeed (Mathew 16:15)
    Abraham the Father of Faith when he was in lack and want, this means he had no money for buying food (when there is famine we can buy from far countries) his wife Sarah was taken because she told kings Abraham is her brother in order to get favour Genesis: 12:16, 20:2, 26:6-11.
    A rich man got miracle because he gave to people and built a synagogue Luke 7:5.
    Next an altar of blessings built by Abraham Genesis 12, Galatians 3:13……In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ….

  20. Hiyoo !Ken! Great interview…and I had it all wrong about Kiunjuri!~..Sharp! He Is! I am O.D.M!..See this is why Mt. Kenya is Mount Kenya.

  21. Hiyo ni plan ya uhuru anataka kutowa ruto ndio aweke gideon moi

  22. Ata uhuru pia kutolewa ju tuliwapigia wote

  23. Kwani mna fikiria kutowa ruto ni rahisi

  24. Very interijent gentleman

  25. Very important points there

  26. Elect a president who may not change laws to rule for many years.

  27. Shrabber Ongea kikuyu and ask for a translator

  28. Why do the media dwells so much on my Kenya as if it's another country? Are they not keyanns just like any other Kenyans? The only difference is that they have mean voting for their own which is normal, those other leaders are also Kenyans. So please talk things to build Kenya. When I listen to the former cs, all those years in the politics why didn't they demand all this things when they elected their own? We should learn to work together no matter who comes in. God bless Kenya.

  29. mwangi this time your wrong. we are convinced on whom you we will vote

  30. Ken is really rooting for uda bad interviewer. 👎 leave people to make their own decisions. Do not lead them.

  31. If UDA MPs had any balls, they'd resign and join their new party but we all know they won't. Greed and most of them know they have served their last term ever. Hypocrites.

  32. Politics and opportunities grabbed by these hyenas just made them rich thieves with zero charisma… no leadership skills…. speaking like big babies… bure kabisa!!

  33. Kiunjuri Acha maneno mingi, kama hauko UDA enda kabisa, you are so angry that Ruto doesn't bother on begging you to join him, ran with your parties and see where you will go, Bure kabisa

  34. The irony is ODM members are planning to remove UDA members from dead Jubilee party

  35. The cognitive dissonance in Mt. Kenya leaders trying to justify their support for Raila when they clearly do not have any conviction in their own words is so solid you could cut it with a machete as Sofia Vergara famously said 😂😂

  36. Ruto is ready to be Kicked out & he will quit Govt by March next year – Watch – Ako Ready 💯

  37. Mwage Kionjole you were fired because of disrespect of your boss President Uhuru

  38. Kiunjuri Worst agriculture CS ever and very corrupt fellow . Take a picture of locusts and send it to him . Bure kabisa

  39. We love speaker Mr.Muturi and he with our Dr.Ruto r in our HEARTS,so Jubilee should be careful on their move…….

  40. Sasa mutu ako na cama yake utamufukuza wapi na ako na cama yake.mumecanganyikiwa sana central tuko UDA

  41. Whenever you see a locust take a picture send it to honorable CS

  42. Who gave these thugs an exclamation when kenyatta, kibaki and uhuru became president's?

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