|NEWS| 6 Black Inventors Who Never Received Credit For Their Inventions

|NEWS| 6 Black Inventors Who Never Received Credit For Their Inventions

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  1. Now I love if possible do more

  2. Truly overstand why these people fear the “f” out OUR UNITY.

  3. Its literally no use inventing beneficial things in a country built on thievery. If anything, take those inventions to African and Caribbean nations. The US should no longer benefit off the backs of black americans. Period!

  4. Almost every new car here in the UK has this. Poor guy

  5. Yep, still, Nothing changes but The WEATHER!!!😟😡

  6. Yes I know his pain. I have 4 design patents that I've spent thousands of dollars on just to have them copied by big corporation's. What a greedy greedy world we live in where the filthy rich steal from the poor, there's a special place in Hell for these kind of people and they won't be missed!!!

  7. Seiko keep the knowledge coming. My question is to Black people, could he have trusted us not to rip him off as well 😔 and ideas and inventions haven't ceased but where are the investors (greed will not allow man to be satisfied with a portion of the pie 😁)


  9. He should have gotten at least $1 million dollars

  10. The Lord, Will Bless You With A Mansion in His Glory. While the Oppressor lives for fourtune and Fame at this Time. We will definitely reap what we Sow.

  11. Don't trust the 😈' they steal from their own mother!!!!!!

  12. There has been over 20,000 Black Invention that has never gotten any credit… The Most High gave us these minds to be creators and the whole entire world have done us wrong… I myself have ton of Invention and the companies have never gave me not anything for the millions I've made them.

  13. Dam I feel bad for homie with the signal light but u shouldn’t have copped out to 100gs

  14. U forgot several other Brothers and sisters,like the Patterson car company, Henry Ford and others were not the first car manufacturers, and Pattersons cars were better built too! You know the rest of the story!

  15. Here is that word again, African American, here is how you will discover what a fraud that word is,in those days in the 1600s,1700s,1800,early 1900s the word African American didn't exist, African American came in 1987,88,so if you are reading history about the 1800s and you hear the word African American you know its shady because they never referred to our people as African Americans, mainly as Negros!

  16. This really make me wonder just how many black inventions that were stolen throughout history.


  18. Domestic Urban Terrorism Exposed Yet Again…….

  19. There's always more to these type of stories or tragedies. I suspect that they were either lovers…on the DL. Or one of them was messing with the other's wife or partner. It's really hard to believe that they were such close friends and got into a physical altercation over something so minor. Just saying.

  20. Google this black man, we wouldn't have sound for movies nor air conditioning without him.

    Frederick McKinley Jones (May 17, 1893 – February 21, 1961) was an African-American inventor, entrepreneur, winner of the National Medal of Technology, and an inductee of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. His innovations in refrigeration brought great improvement to the long-haul transportation of perishable goods.

  21. 🤢The system didn't fail it robbed that black man just like it always have with so many others!!
    This is the American Way!!🤮

  22. You and Dane not playing 👍💪🌍

  23. The Black man INVENTED everything that we use today!!!

  24. Black people are the best at everything. Can’t wait for y’all to take over.

  25. I'm not surprised. Many of us did not get credit and still do not.

  26. I don't like the commentor his SLICK WHITE racists talk

  27. His lawyer's got paid off. Seems he can't wait to get rich and shit on his own people smh why would he not want to be buried next to his mom? They robbed his ass blind and he still want their approval

  28. Love your content the world needs to hear the truth

  29. As blk ppl we must stop give them our invention.


  31. Terminator/Matrix creator Ms Sophia Stewart.

  32. If you look up a lot of Black inventors you will find a ? nest to their names and the white people do not have ? next to their names. The struggle is real and still going on.

  33. I live in Africa, if you invent something they are interested in, you are taken abroad. Or else they will kill you

  34. White People: 404 Error

  35. What about the Man who recently invented the machine which makes water out of the air, and then WE know who sent someone to sabotage it. He needs to take the invention to the motherland , but in the meantime he needs to get protected before he goes missing or ends up dead by dodgy circumstances.

  36. Europeans Having Been Stealing From Black Folk For Hundreds If Year's …More than 80% If All European Inventions Came From Black People…. If you Ever Have A Patient Always consult with a Lawyer…..They All Should Be Sued…

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