New Variant Puts South Africa At Risk Of Global Shut Out

New Variant Puts South Africa At Risk Of Global Shut Out

South Africa’s recovery from its deepest economic contraction in almost three decades risks…


  1. India main iska koi effect nahi padega becuse 5 state main election hai

  2. by the time it will become a concern many would have been infected

  3. How racists of the democrats to restrict travel to South Africa

  4. No cause for alarm, we'll be screwed anyway.

  5. Hey NDTV, You spelt protein wrong.

  6. Let's Indian government take action on this. At least close international borders and flight services for some more time to avoid spreading new any viruses. God help to the peoples life.

  7. India should now stop all foreign travels

  8. Something for news without clarity 😀

  9. Chalu oxygen ki tayaari karo it's coming again

  10. It could be another disease why making corona??

  11. Variants are generating due to invalid medicine treated for covid patients

  12. India should ban flights from any South African nations too!

  13. All these viruses are importing internationally, (covid) 19 , its better to curbs and stop international flight , stay domestic , save domestic …..

  14. Propaganda to increase vaxx jabs..also in south africa becos it has lowest vaxx percentage..pharma lobby trying to taking revenge on south africa..useless propaganda won't work on msm news channels..people r now aware of this game

  15. India should stop flights

  16. Now Virus is spreading fastly after taking vaccines…… This is the reality

  17. Wow polichu eppazha indiayil varuvaa

  18. Mai chaudhari hu ab mai Pandey ya shukla likhu ga 😀😀😀

  19. Only a good mask is all we need. Less liked by many, so virus will mutate and spread….will go on…

  20. Only Indian media is exaggerating it. It is not much being covered by international media why? Yes this may be variant of concern but how much level what it's effect on people which is already vaccinated. we still don't known I think we need to wait for sometime it will be clear. Before that we should not fear the people

  21. We do not have any interest in COVID news as we are busy in elections

  22. Kya yar views k liye dar spread kr rhe ho

  23. And now ndtv is happy and is hoping that more people may die, so that we can go on criticizing modi even more ☺. I hope that more people die so that people can vote modi out.

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