"Nedu doesn't deserve my son" – Uzoamaka opens up and tells the truth about their child's paternity

"Nedu doesn't deserve my son" – Uzoamaka opens up and tells the truth about their child's paternity

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  1. Madam plz explain the situation and condition on how you got a child for him while still married to him. We are Africans and this is completely disgusting. Don’t try that with someone from my village, they will finish you completely. You seems to have no shame.

  2. This woman face look like that of a born liar. Can you talk about how you got a son while you are with him? Please beating around the bush. Hit the nail on the head plz.

  3. Why promiscuity every where. Hmmm

  4. Only in Nigeria do we give interviews to deranged people.

  5. So upon all what this woman did, she still tries her possible best to paint Nedu as the bad person??

    Wow what is really worst than wickedness ??

  6. I mean I am not supporting anyone but she might be saying the truth .since her and her x husband started their relationship immediately after her break up . I mean all the other kids are his . The issue is not about all that now . Why is he not taking care of his kids . That’s not fair . I pray she finds peace and love

  7. When choosing a life partner be careful of ladies and men that are from a broken home, she said she has a half sister in Lagos, attitudes like these are transferable.

    Again, I stop watching Nude's comedy when I notice the way he futures ladies especially chubby Laddies, I presume he fell for what he loves the most while forgetting to check the needful before striking a deal at the alter of marriage.

    We must remember God's leading is the most important thing. God help us!

  8. A lot of Nigerian men are taking care of kids that are not thier. DNA, is the way.

  9. Wait Wait….. What does she mean by unfortunately it was the first one… Just like that… No explanation… That statement is both disturbing and disgusting… Omo marriage is not easy ooo. And am speaking for both man and women. And again saying you made peace with God and that is all that matters.. No you haven't made peace. If you are a Christian, you will know that

  10. It’s the piano playing under for me that makes it so funny
    Is she trying to gather sympathy from people😂😂
    Na wa oh

  11. The worst thing you will do is to bring your family matter to social media

  12. This ashewo woman is shameless o. Baby factory woman

  13. Base on what she said, she got pregnant before Ndu happened but when she discovered she never told Ndu instead she took advantage of Ndu's love bcos she said he is not like the other guys she dated & made emphasis on his physical appearance meaning she was not attracted to him just went long with his cool personality. My question for her, how do someone become insecure in between marriage and he wasn't like that from the beginning? cos there's no smoke without fire.

  14. You can't shame the shameless.

  15. "I dont want Nedu back"🤣🤣🤣
    "…of course I gave him headache" 🤣🤩😂🤪🤣😆
    "…he was doubting the paternity of the last child" B4 Nko! Dog!

    " I'm not here to make him lose him job" 😡😡 werey nla ni geshi yi sha

    This woman clearly has emotional delusional instabilities running her head.

    This is what men in 🇳🇬 have to cope with???!!

  16. You see all these type of women that look harmless, fear them! The shame producing factory has run out of materials! Yeye woman.

  17. Chai..! Wondering how this mind function…

  18. This lady must be open

  19. Who is the father of your child

  20. You guys just lost a subscriber…are you kidding me right now? This is not an interview for God's sake…no sensible questions asked…nothing…

  21. Why is she so confident defending her yeye actions… which kind low she dey talk!!!

  22. I feel for this lady. May God give her strength.

    Married men bear children outside marriage and nobody crucified them.

  23. This one no just get even an atom of shame. Tueh

  24. I'm so happy for this Nedu of a guy for speaking up. She is never going to get any man to marry her.
    Her story is not saving her

  25. You've not said anything madam. You haven't even confessed. You realized you got pregnant for who? Did you tell him you were pregnant for someone else? Is this person your sister's husband?

    Aunty say the truth.

  26. This is bullshit please, there's nothing to explain nor play the victim card abeg.

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