Native Woman Admits Other Groups Talk Real Foul At Dinner Tables About Black Americans

Native Woman Admits Other Groups Talk Real Foul At Dinner Tables About Black Americans

Phillip Scott reports on a Native woman that shared how other groups talk down on Black Americans at their dinner tables.


  1. As a South African black indigenous, I totally concur emphatically and unequivocally so said with much conviction. A lot of South African white-owned companies prefer our brothers and sisters from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique etc compared to us, and at the same time, they drive the wedge between us. They say we are lazy, we demand high salaries without bearing any fruit, and our brothers and sisters do the same by labelling us derogatory remarks like we like FREEBIES. South Africa, is what it is today through, cheap labour from our ancestors, land force removal, exploitation. However, I still love my brothers and sisters from various parts of the continent, and from four corners of the world.

  2. I don't use this word, but I have heard white boys use the word to greet each other. I think black people should stop using this word. Even if we have took this word and flipped it. But, I know this word is doing us a disservice and is holding us back from reaching higher understanding of who we are and how far we can go with our black families prosperity. Just saying that we should think about this word we use so frequently like drinking water.

  3. Guidelines include sharing to 5 people? What if I disagree?

  4. Knowing the history of the native people and some still in reservation areas, one would think they last thing they would concern themselves is to be racists towards black people. This world is so confusing Shucks !!!

  5. I am so glad in South Africa we didn't go around calling each other the K word – I can't even bring myself to say the N word. It's still baffles me how it became part of hip hop culture over there. I am sure there was the reason thought – just don't know about it

  6. All those who chastise " us " the most high's ( GOD'S) chosen people Redemtion is near and all those who are blind and don't see us for who we truly are shall see and weep ( rabbis and scholars know the truth ) the ones that know who we are you can see the shame In there eyes. They gave away our land to those who knows not of the land nor come from so sad

  7. white genes are recessive mutations not even valid by nature

  8. Blacks degrading their own self. Listen to crissy it turns your stomach. Listen to all these black girls calling themselves black and ugly .so when another race of people call you black and ugly you get and attitude problem. I'm black and I think I'm as pretty and fine as I can be l think I'm beautiful I don't give a dam what 0ther races think they don't get any better looking than me some might look as good but n0 better.

  9. They still can't get pass the melanin,true power.

  10. What u mean about Caribbean people coming in America and what? Talk about u black Americans. I know u not talking about us Jamaicans, cause we don't got time for that. We come there to work hard and and help our families back home. Another thing all most of u black Americans do is talk like u the only blacks in this world that exist that the white men use and abuse to build their empires, no, no other blacks just u black Americans. A lot of your black celebrities have Jamaican background OK. Look up where some of your music originates from besides straight out of Africa. We are all one, black spread across from American to the Caribbeans and South American and ect… U Americans speak more white men tongue then we do. I can't speak for mother Africa blacks, but I will speak for Jamaicans. If u going talk about other race that chat blacks and copy blacks, then speak on it. If Jamaicans should chat any black Americans, maybe that person was being rude and arrogant and piss them off, but we definitely don't talk about u, or jealous of u

  11. That goes to show how we're so influential YET as a people we're so hated.

  12. Thank you you are truly appreciated my sistah

  13. I don't use the word any more as a black man. And I truly believe that if not propagated negatively from the point of our inception to America in such negative light black folk would be alright in the eyes of other cultures. Because at certain critical pionts in history here in America the blacks where improving them selves in ethical fashion, but there progress was haulted violently, also in other strategic ways set up by the government. Thou because Black Americans are not protected or favord, the majority race which are biased who also makes up our government (republicans and democrats) continue there covert and overt mission to hurt FBAs. How did we get here into this state, can be fact checked in t he right history books…

  14. only one race make's up slurs for other races

  15. those who say black Americans are lazy, f11ck them they are uneducated people.
    when I was in the USA my black American brother never approaches me I try my best
    he did work Thein Japan blame is on both sides. I am here in Japan all my best friends are from the states I do work with some of them. I feel brother,I think the system is so messed up But I understand you. I always tell my brother in the states to respect their American black. One love to you from a Panafrican living in Japan Her I love me and other black
    no matter where the from

  16. I have always been one to think black people "taking ownership" over the word etc was an absolute dead wrong move. It actually did the opposite of what was intended. And this Native woman has a very valid point: you don't see/hear other ethnic groups calling each other sp*c, or ch*nk etc. But it's ok for the world to say the N-word.

  17. I can honestly say that I've never once used the "N-Word" whenever speaking to or about my people. And I most assuredly never tolerate it's use from other groups in my presence. Also, everyone I've ever come into contact with always use "Sir" or "Mister". I've no control over anyone's behavior in the privacy of their own homes. That's none of my business. If they want to enjoy chancing indigestion and ulcers sprouting racism around their dinner table, that's on them.

  18. I have learned a lot in my lifetime this girl that y'all got on here she's not a real Indian she's a $5 Indian the real Indians are my complexion and I'm not dark I'm a caramel brown skin

  19. Black People DEFINITELY shouldn't be saying the N word! WHY would we reclaim such a hurtful and painful term…it's ignorant…and delusional. We should think higher of Ourselves.

  20. The slur is given to other races to use by black males. Black males tell other races they can use it black males don't take care of their races image, or reputation etc. it's black males fault they don't teach their race anything so that is why other races can take advantage of the black race.

  21. Jealousy is the answer, They know that no matter what they do they can't stop us and many of them will be our future slaves.

  22. POP culture is garbage, I hope you are not putting that on a resume of accomplishments. It's degenerate trash.

  23. A snake does not need a special reason to bite your heals. It is just that enmity set from the Genesis. As black people all we have is ourselves but its a shame that we are also always against each other right from our small communities. I do not know whether it is God punishment or it just is not our time again yet.

  24. I think you people give white people (supremacists) too much power by caring too much about what they think. I think it is better to concentrate on developing ourselves and our culture and beating them at their own game other than trying to be accepted by them. Whether it is in this world or the next, in the heavens, underworld or the ocean, weakness cannot be respected…with those few words allow me to say stop with all this defeatism attitude and lets unite.

  25. The SLUR was used by white for more than 1 race……….

  26. She is native to where ??? Not the United States !! The so-called African Americans are the real Americans !!!! This woman is not a true American!!!

  27. Lmfao we talk about you too! Your people are not perfect. I have two college degrees, what about you!?

  28. It’s ENVY plain and simple. The reason why outsiders hate American Blacks is because they are jealous. That’s what AB do, make others desire things that should not be desirable. When it’s actually just a survival tactic for AB. The Bible told you that, you just have to decipher it. The evil one will always hate the chosen ones, the lanterns, the shinning lights in this dark world.

  29. She's telling us what we already know. And what's Native about her exactly? This a white woman.

  30. How much to go to South Africa 5 or 6 thousand

  31. I think that because we got used and abused not only in slavery and being overworked and underpaid, that's why the government and corporate America brought these people in this country. They didn't want to pay us fairly or even their own people fairly, is the reason we got to this point. I truly hoped that this wouldn't happen but, when blacks have gained a more vocal position in politics with election of Barack Obama, then the election of Donald Trump, despite his personal bad history of crooked business dealings but, his personal finances and his personal political clout is what caused these problems in this country.

  32. AH HAHAHA!!! ROFL!!!! 14:30 Hey!! It is what it is, Phil. Go ahead!!! Tell it like it is. I’m an Afrikan immigrant and I don’t blame y’all, not one drop. U right 1000% Shout out to chick for coming out, and calling out all them other races for using that word, and not their own slurs. I personally am embarrassed, ashamed, and frickin disgusted at my folks from the Motherland who are so quick to turn their backs, and sell out the fba who did nothing but show them love, and welcome. And when I confront them about it, all I get is BS. If I was In y’all shoes, I would do the exact same thing. I seen it personally. I ain’t got it like that. I get it tho. I respect the fact that blacks decided to be FBA and BGTOW. There peace and happiness, is way past overdue.

  33. My brother agree with some of the things you said yes

  34. "When we use it we use it as a term of endearment. When they use it we know there's a different meaning under it." Joyner Lucas

  35. I always knew this information. This shouldn't be surprised.

  36. My main thing is if we are nothing, then why concentrate on us so much, obviously jealous, we are natural leaders, not forced leadership, none of you other people could survive what we have, some of it was proven thrue out slavery, remember your better lol and just concentrate on being the best you can keep on being , take comfort in thinking your better!

  37. I don't mind your views against Westindians man but Westindians have always known where they come from. Always had.

  38. She isn't native American.

  39. Very well said. Such great points.

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