Native American (Navajo) Beliefs About The Eclipse

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Native American (Navajo) Beliefs About The Eclipse

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In our traditional ways the eclipse is a very reverent time. A time for reflection, rebirth, new life and new understanding.

An eclipse is called the Death of The Sun. During this time traditionally…



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  1. I had a dream that the eclipse opened a portal which shone purple light onto the earth. Within this light was a being on a throne which cause the whole of earth to be awed at the sight of it. I had this dream an two hrs before the eclipse.

  2. Just speaking of Retaliations as means to some parishes as Evolving in the dark allies and some cases should not be questioned as their cleaning up Abuses..or Steroids demands as testosterone for little Guys should watch as Big ones to less light needs…

  3. The vedics believed that the eclipse is another object not no moon, called rahu for the solar eclipse and ketu for the lunar eclipse I think. They lie to us about our celestial bodies.

  4. No disrespect but as an empath I see many generations of pain and heaviness on this man’s brows.. not in a negative way, but the passion of his teachings.. he really wants to teach others everything he knows that will benefit them before he leaves this earth.. so much tradition has been lost.. Amazing how I can read from the vibrations of his voice.. many blessings to him and to everyone who crosses paths with him on their journey to this channel🤍🕊️🤍

  5. Thank you for being very much for the education. I live here in Florida so far away from home when I have questions I go to y'all website. Most of the time. You always have answers to my questions

  6. Please don't just read the first paragraph and comment negatively, read the entire post. 🙂
    Just some thoughts about the “Event” as we were calling it here in Russellville, Arkansas. At first, I was very indignant My thoughts were double-sided: if it comes to me, to my area, then I am BLESSED to be able to experience this!/…but “they” are making such a marketing ploy of it, jeese, it’s nothing but extortion! (The hotel/motels raised prices by 3x; I heard a rumor that one motel that had been graciously allowing some of our massive population of homeless to stay there asked them to leave to they could take advantage of the tourist influx that weekend, people were renting out spare bedrooms for double their monthly mortgage payment, the school charged $15 to park for a 20 minute presentation by NASA, spaces for open fields were going for $200 just to park for 3 hours during the event. On top of that, the city admin had everyone convinced that there would be major supply-chain issues, the stores would be emptied, the restaurants would run short, there would be no TP, female sanitary supplies or baby formula, there would be runs on the gas stations and fights in the parking lots. After the COVID fiasco, we tended to believe it. I was in a local modern equivalent of the old 5 and dime the week before and there was an older lady running around telling customers, “You’d better stock up now! There won’t be any trucks running to restock for at least 4 weeks after the eclipse!” That poor lady! She was frightened out of her mind! Only one radio station kept their head, their advice to locals was, “Just buy what you would if National Weather Service announced a 3-4 day ice event or other short-lived natural disaster and you will be fine.” (thank you to them, BTW.) It evolved from a blessed celestial happening to a revenue-raking-ripoff. So I was very bitter about it at first.
    I looked into Dene ideas on the eclipse, and they revere it so much that, out of respect, they do not eat during that time, and they stay indoors. I determined that was what I was going to do, stay home and inside. But the closer it got, the more I wanted to go out there. That morning was unusually bright and warm, so I felt compelled to go outside and simply bathe in it. I took the dog with me and went for a walk. When it happened, grabbed my glasses and went out into the front yard. I am still reeling with awe! It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced, and I am 65.
    It was spiritually nourishing and has had residual effects.

  7. Sorry if this is a bit heavy, but I need to share it, what happened to me on the eclipse day.
    I'm from Poland, so we didn't have eclipse here… but nevertheless, on that very day my therapist and spiritual teacher, who has been very helpful with knowledge about meditation and spiritual journey, chakras, etc – suddenly told me terrible, apocalyptic prophecy about next 6 years, III world war, etc. I was shocked to hear it from him.

    My soul trusts his teachings, but I never believed in prophecies – I mean, spiritual visions of wisdom and possible paths, yes, but not this kind of time-stamp, number-specific doomsday talk.
    (He said all the continents like UK, Australia etc, basically were gonna dissappear because of the nuke-related flood, and he's actually moving to mountains in a year to escape. So he's actually preparing?? He said "according to the prophecies" but I literally wasn't able to find anything on that matter. He mentioned the "sleeping prophet" E. Cayce, but not that much here either)).

    I'm saying all this not to scare anyone, but to ask if any one of you had a similar experience with maybe this clash of western mysticism, and when you go to indigenous teachings – it's like, you can look at the whole thing holistically? As in, I'm still afraid of the outcome of Russian war, China, all that jazz – who shouldn't be worried? But that doomsday talk about specific year-span of flood, etc… Idk. I'm not sure what happened, and my heart and soul are torn – I don't know if I should trust him, and believe in his visions, and if I don't – am I choosing my own spiritual comfort out of inability to accept my own mortality and a possible apocalyptic event?

    Feel absolutely free to ignore, but I'm genuinely interested in what you think about this. Personally I'm trying to not panic anyway. I feel crazy even typing this thing out loud , for realll

  8. I have a piece of Navajo jewelry quit significantly belonging to the Navajo people!!! I found as a child metal detecting!!! I would like to come and return it to the museum that was built in honor of our people…. Unfortunately I am not able to have access to travel expenses and acomodations for 3 sisters and would greatly appreciate any assistance. It is a coral squash blossom necklace specifically made for a child !!! Exquisite doesn’t describe the significance problably to the tribal people in terms of its property and belongs in the museum. No money is required for this item. But it must be delivered by hand. Love the nav
    Ahi nation

  9. Ya at eeh,,Hello,,
    I myself navajo,, i no have age,,
    i was born sometime on death of sun,,,, centuries ago,, and as the birth of sun,, as was i birth,, alongside my twin brother,,
    My twin brother older by four minute in your time,,
    as death of sun came,,
    came my twin brother,,,
    And As birth of sun came,,,
    came did i,,
    We have no father,,as you might understand,,, we were concieved
    As told many ages earlier in a navajo prophecy,,
    We were concieved by,,,
    The walker of the skin,,,
    and for a purpose,,
    this walker of the skin,,
    Many many ages ago,, he a was man,, and a man as you might understand,,
    As Normal,, he was our leader, full of wisdom,, yet firce in stature,,and in battle,,
    before he came to be known as the walker of the skin,, he was known as,, DAHINÁNÍGÍÍ,, You might understand This word/name,,
    as RIGHTEOUS,,, as he was good and compassionate in all way,,
    DAHINÁNÍGÍÍ,, Fell in deep love,,
    With a maiden,, of another tribe,,
    And a tribe known not of our ancestors,, our ancestors fell into fear as result of such,,,
    The name of the young maiden was INÓT'ÁÁH,,,
    It came to pass,, one night of the 3rd moon time,, our village was ravaged,, DAHINÁNÍGÍÍ Our leader had disappeared,, our people our way of life,, our fathers,,our mothers were all but gone,,,
    Save my mother who name K'HKHODI'NAH manage to hide,, until there was silence,,,
    My mother went from place to place in anguish,, eating of the earth,, she bacame like animals..
    Full of anger,, and swearing recompense in prayer,, for our ancestors,,
    Then after a number of moon passes,, my mother was sleeping hidden by underbrush,, often dreaming of revenge,, cut to the heart with grief,, she was awoken,,
    What she saw in front of her,, was no human,,yet no animal,,that she know,, she fell into fear,, the thing just stood there,,fierce yet,, she did percieve,, the thing was full of sorrow,,full of grief,, yet the thing was familiar,, Then from everywhere came a voice,,, and a voice of comfort yet authority,,,
    Fear not K'HKHODI'NAH,,, For i bring news of recompense,, and a recompense to be fulfilled in many many ages to come,, i hear a cry from your ancestors,,, your leader had let himself go to deception,,
    He was taken,, left for dead,, but did live,,, by a tribe under bad spirit,,
    As a result of his own ignorance,, and a discernment blinded by beauty,, he has his own consequence,, that which you see in your own presence,,, is he,,,
    With a carrying of his own burden
    He became,, the walker of the skin
    WĪHTIKOW,,OR,, OJIBWA ,, What many might know as WENDIGO,, Destined to eat flesh,, yet never full,, never satisfied,, always pained with hunger,, and now,,
    Just as the antidote of the snake bite Resides within the snake,,
    The recompense of your people also resides within that which led to your peoples ruin,,,,before i grant his own petition plea,, to be set free from this curse,, to be at one with his ancestors,, in the taking of his own heart,,and sealed in burial,, and his body burned to ashes,,,
    You will concieve unto the beast,,,
    Who still retains his manhood,, his memories,, his failures,,
    You will birth two sons,, Twins,,,
    One will be born at the death of the sun,,, the other will be born at the birth of the sun,,,
    They will live many ages,, many moons,, far apart from one another,, to be reconciled again,,
    In a future far advanced to our time,, a future where man will fly in bird like containment things..
    A future of a people so self obsessed,, so selfish,, so un loving to one another,, with evil in their hearts continually,,, that it is also
    Not only a recompense unto your people,, but also,,,, a judgement unto all the living on earth,, at the culmination,, the fruits,, the imaginations of their impenitent hearts,,, this will come to pass,,,
    Not many days after,, that which is known as the anniversary of the twin boys birth,,,,
    the 1st anniversary will be
    In 350 years, a grace will be given,, to test if the heart of man can change,, with only a worsening,, and a mocking of anything of nature or spiritual,,,
    Then judgement will be passed and sealed,,
    In 700 years,, judgement shall be passed on all flesh of the earth,, with that which our oldest our first ancestors on earth were mesmerized by,,, FIRE…
    On the death and rebirth of the sun in the year of 2024,, a sign will be given,, to prove to a people who understand,, prophecy,, study such things,,a remnant of man,, who are worthy to stand,, will be left,,,
    The sign is this,,
    Upon all the land,, pointing out the main lands of our ancestors,, all the land which was STOLEN AWAY will this death and rebirth of the sun be,, not many days after,, they that understand will know where to go,, they will be visited by your boys,, and led to know where to go
    And what they must do,,
    On the 24th DAY of the 4th MONTH of the year 2024,,,
    And what was to you,, oh young maiden,,,, a tragedy,, a tragedy of immense sorrowful proportion,, and a time of great suffering,,and a time that your ancestors have not known of in past,, a time so lowly unto your heart,,your soul,,your very being,, oh young maiden,,!!
    What this was unto you,, will be a place without time,, a place so beautiful,, a place of unspeakable peace,,!! Love,, unto your soul,,!!!
    That no words can convey,, your two boys birth,, signifying that which was to come,, death,,,
    and rebirth,,,, were foretold to come,, and to come out of tragedy,,
    And to come not only as a reconciliation unto yourself to your ancestors and a life of peace joy and love,, but as a judgement to all mankind,, your boys were always destined to have a remnant of people saved unto eternity
    After what seemed a tragedy,,,
    Because just as the antidote to the snake bite resides within the snake,,
    Like wise out of immense tragedy.. lies the saving factor,,
    Your twin boys,, their names,,??
    On the 23rd day,, of the 4th month
    Of the year 2024,,,,
    Supply yourself with provisions for 4 days,, water,, food,, there is also running water there,,but just be sure you have everything you need for 4 days,, cover,,preferably a traditional cover,, but is not too important,,, where to go,,??
    Go to the land,, the land which was first taken,, Stolen away,, a land surrounded with mountains,,
    there are many hills,, many mountains,,in that land,, but they that know,, will see it,,
    they will see FOUR mountains,, more prominent,,than all,, head for them,, as you get closer,, you will see,, and dont be doubted or dismayed what you see,, nor fear, you will see,, in the distance
    IF YOU SEE THEM NO MORE,, THIS MEANS YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE,, you will know anyway as there will be a small multitude already there,, or arriving,,
    set up camp,, fire,, eat drink,, then
    WE,,, BOTH OF US,, will come,,
    And tell unto you all things pertaining to what will come to pass,, fear not,,

  10. Cool video, My relationship of 5 years ended a month ago. The love of my life decided to move on, I really loved her so much i can't stop thinking about her and the memories we shared. I've tried my very best to get her back in my life, but to no avail. I'm frustrated, and i don't see my life with anyone else. I've done my best to get rid of the thoughts, but i can't. I don't know why I'm saying this here, but i really miss her and i wish i could get her back.