Narcos | Opening Credits [HD] | Netflix

Narcos | Opening Credits [HD] | Netflix


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  1. One of the top 5 series of all time in history

  2. Gta 6 debería ser ambientado en Colombia en la época de Pablo escobar, ya han pasado por toda las épocas menos esta, ya usaron pandilleros raperos de los 90, ya usaron a scarface, ya usaron asaltantes de bancos y bandidos organizado en la época actual, sólo iría quedando esta época que también tiene mucho contenido para un juego largo

  3. This is in my top 5 ever songs

  4. I never skipped this intro for the first two seasons!!

  5. Only problem with this song: it is not long enough

  6. Pongan a Pedro pascal en la cuarta temporada

  7. This show is like a magnet. It keeps me coming back even after years it came out.

  8. I can't Skip This Intro 😴🔥

  9. The song says it all, tragedy stuck. A country falls under tyranny and Chaos because of one man

  10. Soy el fuego que arde tu piel

    Soy el agua que mata tu sed

    El castillo, la torre yo soy

    La espada que guarda el caudal

    Tu el aire que respiro yo

    Y la luz de la luna en el mar

    La garganta que ansio mojar

    Que temo ahogar de amor

    ¿Y cuales deseos me vas a dar?

    Dices tu: Mi tesoro basta con mirarlo

    Tuyo será,

    Y tuyo será

  11. once again i'm here cause i love it❤

  12. Hello, someone know how to do the grid in the city at 0:56?

  13. it's crazy that my family was living during that dark era of Colombia…

  14. bhai fir yt pr nahi aayenga copyright?

  15. Man i miss watching narcos for the first time. One of my fav shows.

  16. Can't believe it's been 7 years

  17. The only intro of Netflix which I ever skipped!!! More addicted than dope🤩

  18. I feel warm inside listening to this

  19. best theme song and video editing for the intro

  20. I use this as my ringtone 🤣

  21. Why my common table salt , makin me high.

  22. This is already added to my "Never Skip Intro" list 🤤❤️

  23. The Spanish language is the most beautiful language I’ve heard

  24. Makes me wanna visit Medellin

  25. 수리남 카지노는 발끝에도 못 미친다

  26. If you liked this series watch Pablo Escobar el Patron del Mal is a thousand times better!!! With real images and the Colombian side of the story.

  27. Legend Says no one ever thought about skipping this intro

  28. The only good netflix production, the rest is trash and waste of money

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