Nairobi Commuter Railway, Nairobi City Plan

Nairobi Commuter Railway, Nairobi City Plan

Nairobi Commuter Railway and Nairobi City Plan. This video covers the projects of Nairobi city…


  1. 00:00 Intro
    01:14 Nairobi City plan
    Click this link to watch Nairobi City guideline plus its exciting nightlife
    Click on this link to watch FANCY neighborhoods where RICH Kenyans live

  2. Corruption in government will kill this project before it begins anyway we know how to design animation

  3. When is this coz uongo dio mingi

  4. Konza imetulemea hii labda 200 years to come.

  5. *It's you-ganda. We don't want to rattle our neighbours in the west 🙄

  6. Vision 2030 Kenya will explore more than people take it

  7. who is financing this mega project it most cost billions of dollars who paying this project or there be loan because Kenya are famous loans since Kenya the got independent

  8. Hongereni ndugu zetu Wakenya. Tupige kazi na kuleta maendeleo ili watu waweze kuishi maisha bora zaidi. Love from Tz

  9. Congratulations to Kenya love to Tanzania and their great president Magufuli greetings from the Gambia

  10. Proud to be a Kenyan 😘😘😘😘

  11. The more I learn about Kenya the more I KNOW this is the country for me to live!

  12. We will be building cities in space.

  13. Sounds like the fantasy I lived in the 80s when we were promised plenty of technological advancements by “the year 2000”, but as you can see, we still are worse off than in 1980s.

  14. If you read this kindly help me add one more subscriber to my channel. I'm struggling to find subscribers to help my channel grow. Thanks

  15. I would love to see a similar plan for the SGR so that I know what to expect.

  16. Is time to only africa American come back home africa god bless Africa children continue to powerfull

  17. I hope you guys pull this off. Go Kenya!!!!

  18. I just hope they implement this, or rather the project should be given to major Bado.

  19. This was only possible Under Uhuru Kenyatta, not because he is great but most of the land to build transport system is under Kenyattas family therefore they had the Keys to major development in the City, all govt before and After could not acheive this because the land was being sold for billions Just to create a railway system. Good Uhuru is the president and has made it possible, i guess Kenyatta family Will still make a futune out of this.

  20. what project??..Theaz nothing that this drunk will do that will amaze me…He is a fucking failure n a real demagogue indeed..

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