Naira Marley & Sam Larry To Appear In Court As CCTV Capture Moment Boys Stormed Mohbad House To KÍLL

Naira Marley & Sam Larry To Appear In Court As CCTV Capture Moment Boys Stormed Mohbad House To KÍLL

CCTV Footage of Moment Some Boys Alleged Sent By Naira Marley & Sam Larry Surface As Celebrities To Take Naira Marley & Sam Larry To Court..


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  1. Wish justice ⚖️ country that's lawlessness

  2. Miracle James thanks for this cont to fight for MOHBAD justice will has come !!! They can not hid anymore it’s a new Dawn ! Whatever has a begginging must surely have an end this is the end of darkness in the music industry.

  3. Sam Claire I appreciate you so much your are a great mentor!

  4. Thank You guys for fighting for justice! For MOHBAD

  5. Sports to keep Folks Busy. 💯❤️

  6. Nigeria Needs Sports Development. Not Music People that promote Gangster. Crimes. Drugs. Waywardness. Government please Help

  7. Music Carrier. Why not Football. Sports Development. 💯

  8. Why all Gangster music stars. Die so Young. 2 pack. Biggy. MJ. Dargrin. Goldee. Short life. Be wise.

  9. Local people. 2 pack. Biggy. Dargrin. Short Life for these Folks

  10. Government Must Ban and OutLaw. Investigate These Uneducated People

  11. Weak Substandard Hospital Care! Up NHS England

  12. Government Must Regulate This Music Labels. 😭😭😭🇳🇬

  13. This is a Stupid Country ooo. Where is Mohbad Brothers and Sisters?

  14. Everybody with fake news 😢

  15. The youths need to take the street and demonstrate for justice

  16. Facts! Na onky nyash song naira sabi.. flippin monkey, Sam Larry must be dragged on pavement. Useless nigerian police can't even be relied on. The dad was stupid, maybe a suspect even, for burying his son without wanting to find out the cause. Enemy mohbad kpo gan

  17. This could be a lack of vitamin B12, which creates hormones that leads to depression or feeling of unhappiness. And seun kuti how do people end up in hospital n the first place ?

  18. Am trying to forget it but no way, each Time if am seeing the way he was crying 😭 in one video at hospital 🏥 tears 😭 always flow from my eyes

  19. I hope this do send those cowards to prison right were they savage ass belongs acting like a bunch of witches

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