Naira Marley Asks 12 Shocking Questions In New Tribute To Mohbad Implicates Sam Larry & Mohbad Dad‼️

Naira Marley Asks 12 Shocking Questions In New Tribute To Mohbad Implicates Sam Larry & Mohbad Dad‼️

Naira Marley Finally Releases Official Tribute For Mohbad As He Asks 12 Key Questions Surrounding Deáth of Mohbad..


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  1. If it were to be Zinoleesky it won't pain me like Mohbad's death hmm

  2. He asked stupid questions to defend himself
    They conspired and killed the innocent man
    Even the innocent man father is a suspect for not having an interest on his son death,

  3. So because he asked all these questions he can't be a suspect or he can't be the murderer?

  4. The judgement of God will be upon the killers of mphbad

  5. Oga mohbad is not dead
    It's all framed up for a good reason though make unah rest 😪💤

  6. He is hear asking questions when he knows the only person that can answer that question is gone

    Idiot fellow

  7. Even if he had issues with Mohbad was it right for him to stop him in all his progress did Naira Marley do well by making sure that the young man's life is a misery ehilst alive ????so sad

  8. Na u una dey spread fake news

  9. Vloggers mak Una stop fake news na, how on earth is Samil Larry implicated in what you said now???

  10. Trying to pin it on another person clearly 🤣😂

  11. Naira Marley want to manipulate the public

  12. These questions were what i was even discussing with my friend
    After the show, Where did he go (hospital or nurse location), who took him there (i said this before if he couldn't have just gone there alone) and they'd have seen who treated him or who they saw in his ward (if there was even a ward) at least

  13. The rushed burial, didn't allow Nigerians talk about the main things, all we talked about was just his family burying him, and all the conspiracies, people who MIGHT have contributed to his mental health and not the people who were DIRECTLY involved in his death

    I just hope he really does get the justice he deserves as the police said

  14. These guys think they are untouchable because they have made friends with the political class. What I know is that people are angry with the way this mohbad died because almost every music lover in Nigeria followed up his saga with a Marlian record. How would anyone oppress this boy just because he left the label? If this guy had joined Confrats, don't you think this would start a cool war between the labels and his group?

  15. One sure thing is dat there's insider that kill mohbad .

  16. The other important question is, 'who enefits for from the proceeds of the latest EP he dropped?"

  17. Why now,where were you naira before. God is watching.

  18. So them the fear the nurse???
    They should go n arrest her wot self?

  19. You naira alone was a threat to his life see this one o🙄🙄🙄🙄

  20. Cos you threaten the family u Naira!

  21. The same one that lied to the world that Mohbad is not "mentally okay" and that he "is mad" when Mohbad called him out? Abeg, people don't be naive . This Naira should have left Mohbad in peace, not he is pretending that he cares. Someone go break his bones and burn down property. Come on Nigeria, don't let his death go to vein. He cried out for help, and you guys didn't rally together to help the poor guy. 😢

  22. Naira u dey mad no matter what I can't believe you before the guy die mohbad himself don talk if anything do am make we hold marlians record.
    Guy all those questions wey naira ask they plan the execution of well wey dem no fit trace am go Naira or Sam Lary

  23. Naira Marley As a leader and public figure millions look up to he should have at least been supportive and there for his subjects no matter what transpired between them he was still your boy

  24. Truthfully those questions are solid nd needs to be answered but him Naira as a person he really made life tough for Mohbad while he was still alive because he wasn’t in the label anymore that alone is more than enough to kill him untimely and shows no sympathy or compassion for him even though he wasn’t in the record label anymore he deserves more good than bad from his former boss

  25. God punish you for chasong clout fool see wetin u dey talk

  26. You see you @MiracleJameson You bitting di came, you over lie, when you get news before posting make sure it's real news don't just post and start calling people names and you di chop two side over

  27. Pls everybody, do you ask your self say, this young boy artist that died now where he spirit dey now;; on hell fire 🔥 or in ……………..??????? Okay now ask the questions to your self: if you die where you Will go?!!

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