Mysteries Of The Universe – Broken Down By Science | Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 252

Mysteries Of The Universe – Broken Down By Science | Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 252

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  2. So you could use red shift/blue shift in detection technology.

  3. The balloon 🎈 example is actually a good way to understand

  4. Can’t believe ranveer did engineering 😂

  5. best part was our science textbooks are updated every 200 years or so. ;) :D

  6. Can literally watch you guyzz interacting for hours .. it’s so informative..

  7. More 50% of the time I'm clueless what this man is saying 😅 but still somehow I'm hooked to these podcasts ❤

  8. We would like to see IPS Ishu Sindhu on your show

  9. Are we just fungus on a planet that is suited to growing fungus ~ literally me every single day. I mean, why we? What has earth done for her to go through all the things we are doing to her.

  10. You're doing a great job bro ranveer, cannot believe a person like me can actually sit for hours and listen to stuff that I used to run from in school and college.
    The level of knowledge chavda ji posses is unbelievable and more unbelievable is the fact that he remembers everything with such a perfection.
    The only thing I did not like is when you adress him as Avijit chava, I know you don't mean any disrespect or anything of that sort and throughout the interview you are so respectful to him too.
    Only thing I would like is if you call him Mr/Shree/sir anything when you take his name. I'm also pretty sure that chava sahab doesn't even give a shit about these things 😅 his intellect is way above all this but still feels a bit off to me.
    Again, no offense to you man. Good luck and please continue with this informative series in future ❤

  11. Very nice brain food podcast

  12. ranveer please just stop talking man. you are just spoiling the flow and asking just stupid questions for the sake of asking. he says 'water is a precious resource on moon' and all you could ask is 'why?' ??? really. wtf. just stop being amateurish. as much as I am grateful to your content and effort, you need to better yourself. I know I am going to receive a lot of flake for this comment but you are just spoiling the experience of your own podcast

  13. Science , Science Science In Love with Science, I am 34 year old now. Personal trainer. Have been listening to your Podcast for few months now. Trying my best mental ability to understand the concept of our evolution. And How we exist in today's world. Thank You Abhijeet sir and Ranveer for answering and asking so good questions , such questions was always there in my childhood brain but never got such perfect answers and opening our mind to think beyond the sky… Thank you Once again.😊

  14. Very great podcast. Just to clarify, it is called God particle because it has provided the Mass to everything (in a way it created us, and as all say, God created us. So it is God particle)

  15. Can we know why there was once a rain of fishes, or birds and frogs in the recent years. Maybe Abhijit sir can shed a light scientifically

  16. Abhijit he is too good enormous knowledge

  17. Why didn’t you start this sooner Ranveer?!!? Learning so much here..

  18. Big bang is fooling theory ।no facts just idiot made it to fool public n control people


  20. Amazing podcasts esp with Mr. Abhijit.
    I wish to memorize all the subjects this guest talks about. I probably will.

    Ranveer, you're doing fab as a host.
    There are some guests of yours who are so inspiring. There was another Dr. Vineet and the ISRO scientist. The one on Tantra as well…a few that comes to mind.

    Keep inviting such knowledgeable guests.
    Watching from Jakarta, Indonesia ✨️

    Also, I usually don't comment on too many posts. Just had to for yours. 👏🏻

  21. 12:19 when you want to travel at the speed of light (which you cannot) your mass becomes infinite. Here, it is only a theoretical expression. Mass becoming infinite means that you exist everywhere. You are here and you are at the infinite, so the travelling at the speed of light isn’t necessary or is possible (theoretically) . Its not about atoms and the body expanding, its just a theoretical or mathematical expression.

  22. Us-difficult to learn dates
    Abhijit sir 😂😂😂

  23. Vhaii puraa 1 ghantey kaa ad daaaldey yr

  24. The thing I like about Abhijit sir is he is open to all ideas and possibilities. Love these episodes. Thank you.

  25. You lost me when you said mass is weight

  26. Would like to see the podcast on lightworkers, chk
    These beings have immense potential to transform from Been to beings

  27. AC is a national treasure

  28. This was a jaw-dropping podcast!!! Total respect for Abhijit Chavda and his immense knowledge! Loved hearing this episode.

  29. You guys are the reason ill get low marks in my boards 😂😂😂😂😂. although significant, i have lost the perception of the value boards gave out because it covers so little and possibly teaches us biased and outdated knowledge

  30. After watching this video i realize why humans created the concept of GOD no need to break your mind for answers how earth is formed how humans exists and all other things. One and only answer for every question universe is created by god and humans were also created by him that's simple end of the game.. 😆😆😆

  31. Please remove the adds

  32. Aap dono bahut hi sachcha aur Achcha kam ker rahein ho please🙏🙏🙏 continue❤❤❤

  33. Few billion years mentioned in the podcast makes me feel younger.😅

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