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  2. He knew what he was getting himself into. The wife's rich parents will step in if they are not doing well financially. The man knew what he was getting into from the beginning. They are parents who don't want to their kids to suffer. He should have married the same class as himself. The guy will always be looked down on..

  3. bro forget nigeria there are crazy

  4. This marriage is a straight up wash or the guy signs at the top and bottom of THE marriage certificate FOREVER DISRESPECTED HUSBAND AND EMASCULATED. It is very hard to say no to BANK ALERT DEPOSITS and CHECKS IN THE MAIL from anybody let alone your parents. She is a trust fund baby and she is not going to stop accepting this bank alert deposits from under the table, over the table or to the sides. For the parents it is usually a CONTROL issue from the minute you receive that first deposit bank alert you are burnt toast and you are not coming out of that trash can. You as the man will ALWAYS be an outsider and disrespected, PERIOD!!!! RELATIONSHIP HIJACK SUCCESSFUL BY THE BLOOD MAFIA!

  5. Great story. Is time people should realize is Falling in love is easy, but keeping it can be quite tricky because both have to let go of some habit personal habits, and if the one is not ready to change where is needed, the whole thing will fall apart

  6. The wife needs to set boundaries if she wants her home to work.It means also sacrificing her pride and the material comfort she grew up knowing for a time while they try to build that life they envision for themselves.

  7. Long throat guy. We know his type. He saw girls of his level, he didn't want them, he wanted "fresh looking omo olowo" travelling abroad, living large, spending money on him, buying him things, probably giving him money, but is okay with being with him at his lower financial level and he got that. So what now? Smart guys in such situations especially blessed with being abroad will hustle hard, so they can make good money to take care of their family to become respected by his wife's family, but no, he is wallowing in bruised ego self-pity contacting Phrankleen, while being fed by his wife's family and has the effrontery to want to be respected…That's why what her parents are doing is exaggerated in his mind. Grandparents don't have to tell grandkids anything. Kids will be kids & say inappropriate things from their reality. The Yoruba proverb states "Egbe eiye ni eye nwoto" even birds know mismatches don't work, so they don't do it. I've seen this happen a thousand times. Either now or later, they will divorce and he will overcompensate for his current situation where he is the under-dog, by marrying a girl of little means who will look up to him and respect him because innately men need to be admired and respected. As a man, if you want your ego massaged, you must be able to handle your own.

  8. I can see you are an African man striving for challenges

  9. I think the guy should ensure this breakfast, he is being served.

    The in-laws on the other hands Should instead help him get on his feet instead of mocking him.

    More reason why I advice guys to get proper financial plans before getting married.

    He should stay back and build with that lady , even if he leaves where would he start from??;

    The shame he refused to bear before getting married, he would bear it while in marriage, you can't skip life processes.

  10. Lol faith needs a therapist I swear lol 😆

  11. That's exactly my mom inlaw she wants to know everything very disrespectful narcissistic woman . It's not love. It's a control mechanism thanks phrankleen

  12. This is norm in most Anambra homes too my husband's family are like this sadly I just decided to be quiet to live long if we women talk they say we want separation blah blah blah. Me I won't come and die biko .

  13. It is the fault of the wife parent

  14. In this life, let's learn to be realistic. If this guy was realistic to himself about this whole relationships including the third party, as in, the parents of the wife, there wouldn't be any problem right now. If he had put boundaries in the beginning of their relationships even before they say "I do", there wouldn't be this problem. If he had spoken to the wife about the essence of marriage, there wouldn't be problem. This whole problem has been there before they took their relationship to the next level but the guy didn't just see it with his naked eyes. This divorce he's asking for shouldn't be now that they are married, it should've been even before they say "I do". The truth is, this lady will NEVER change and her parents either……

  15. You would be surprised of how many Mama boys that go back and tell their mom everything that goes on inside that relationship between that man and his woman and vice versa it's toxic like they do not have a backbone the backbone is useless and everything that the mom or dad says they take like a grain of salt like they have no common sense toxic toxic on top of toxic a big bowl a big pot of toxic…. And the same thing for the women go back and tell the mom everything and the dad is in the life go back or not even the dad or the mom The family or friends those type of relationship is a community relationship everyone is involved everyone have a opinion about your relationship which it should be just only two people the man and the woman a big pot of toxic

  16. The guy should have married someone who is on the same level as him.

  17. She doesn't need a man like that😭
    He saw that her family had money. There were some frictions at the beginning. He didn't backdown and he went ahead with the marriage. Her family stepped up to help in the time of need.

    A marriage without money will have problems. We need money in our society. He needs to let his egos out the door. Just because you are without money doesn't mean she has to do without because she's married to you.
    So unappreciative.

  18. The parents should wait until they are asked. If they treated their grandchildren, there is no need for the grandparents to rub it in. Insulting the husband.

  19. The wife knew the husband would not accept financial help from her family, with that being said they needed to have an open discuss about how they to pay their Bill's.

  20. The man is stupid, how could he not calculate the cost of things and not realise where the money is coming from. How does he a grown man with kids not pay rent and not know that it's getting paid by other means. Sounds like a pitty party to me. There is nothing wrong with the parents helping. If expensive things are being paid for that I did not pay for then ofcourse there is someone else paying for them, his ego on this matter is ridiculous. That said she is 100% wrong to keep asking for money and making him a begger to his in laws also spoiling the children with expensive things is a definite overreach, she should never have married him if she wanted a lavish lifestyle.

  21. His Ego speaking! That's all I can say! He saw all these before he married her, he should stop pretending!

  22. The issue isn't the money but the way the parents disrespect the husband. If my children need something when they are married I would definitely give. What's the point of building wealth if you can't pass it down?

  23. Thank you for your objective opinion; my marriage is not open for extended family intrusion.

  24. This baby girl should go for spam donner she is not for marriage. Run man run as far as your feet can take you. With that kind of wife and inlaws it will never work.

  25. He married a wealthy lady, he knew what was going to occur, he closed his eyes and ignored the signs. He married a "Princess" .She was never going to stop going to Harrods and Hakkasan in the UK. Her wealthy parents will never stop funding their daughter and grand children. The Father needs to train his children, if not this issue can become generational. The children should learn to say, no thank you. The children needs to learn to make do with what they have. Even he divorced his wife, guess what 🙂 The Parents will still fund the grandchildren. So, he needs to have a proper conversation with his Wife, his children and his in laws.Family/Couples therapy could help and putting some boundaries in place .He is angry now but he should not break the family unit yet. Sometimes friends/family weaponised money or help? Its always sad when a black family splits.

  26. The wife is correct if her family is rich why should she settle for poorverty when the family can help. The husband should have married his level. It's her money at the end of the day if her family wants to give her money why does she need his permission.

  27. I normally don’t disagree with you but this time I do.. I blame the wife for marring a man she knew very well could not give her the comfortable life she is accustomed to. If she knew that she is high maintenance and is not flexible to live in a lower standard why marry him and waste his valuable time.I also feel that the man did not carry out a proper investigation about her and her family dynamics..When I watched the show Indian matchmaker on Netflix I realised why Indian marriage lasts longer than any other. They check the financial background,family background,spiritual compatibility and much more..They both did not do their homework.And now they are paying the price..Most parents would want their children to live a better life than they did. The grandparents don’t want to see their daughter and grandchildren suffer and the families should sit down and have mature discussions about the financial implications of this situation.

  28. Any relationship/marriage without boundaries be it from family or friends is highly likely to collapse. The lady's family shouldn't have rubbed it on his face. That's disrespectful and can be emotionally, psychologically and mentally draining and exhausting for the dude.They both need to be on the same page as a couple and mutually agree on whatever financial assistance that's needed.

  29. The in-laws were VERY WRONG with their APPROACH of financial support but there's is NOTHING WRONG in supporting their daughter and her husband. The daughter needs to understand that their approach is wrong through a counsellor because it is very UNLIKELY she will understand through her husband since she has been used to that lifestyle.
    As a wife, my husband could not fund his PhD, we searched everywhere to borrow but to no avail,I discussed with my husband and I approached my mum because she is capable of borrowing us. She borrowed us thousand of pounds till we paid her back. She didn't even mentioned it to anyone of us till we paid her back after 5years(and she visits us regularly). The wife's parent should have been supporting her(them) only through monthly payment till the husband is back on his feet (regarding job) but the husband should be aware. Because if the parents were sending monthly payment to the husband, he may feel somehow.

    Phrankleen, please would you send an email to the guy not to consider a divorce yet but to get in touch with a counsellor to speak with the wife first?

  30. The parents should love their daughter from a distance…. with Respect towards their son in law.

  31. Phrankleen, I have liked Your point of views. I have one personal question, it is connected with UK and Africa. I would like to hear Your opinion. Am I allowed to write to You to somewhere?

  32. The guy is a bit of a weakling…. The inlaws will automatically be persona non grata…

  33. If as a woman with children, I can't get financial support from my parents and siblings when I'm financially down, who am I supposed to turn to? They're my family.
    It's not anyone's fault he lost his job. It's all on him that he doesn't like his in-laws. If his own parents were wealthy, he would have been collecting the money to sort out the bills from them. This wouldn't be an issue at all.

  34. If you marry a fisherman, don’t be surprised if he goes fishing. I’ll like to hear her side of this story. There’s always two sides.
    Love your show brother.

  35. You are right phrankleen. They needed to include him in support

  36. Both the husband and wife are wrong here. She is wrong for not communicating with her husband about her family's financial support and also for allowing her family to undermine him. He is wrong because he has been unemployed and has been sitting there in La La land seeing all the bills get paid and not questioning in 2 years how his wife was managing to pay them. He knows how much money she makes- he should know that she likely can't afford the bills on her own. He is complaining now that her parents have thrown it subliminally in his face. He needs to get over his pride and start communicating and planning better with his wife about their finances.

  37. Hey Phrankleen, you may need to employ a support team to help out

  38. No problem with parental help, but the parents appear to be very disrespectful to the husband. This is terrible behaviour.

  39. This is the issue with legal marriage. Customary and religious marriage i Stan

    Her parents can give her millions of dollars, even without my knowledge, it's okay. Immediately you start using that to disrespect me, your daughter go collect junior wife.

    Do this with great courage, their body go come down. Their daughter would respect me more, divorce won't even be their option.

  40. Phrankleen, I disagree with this man that sent in his dilemma. When he married this woman, he knew her standards and financial level. He saw the difference in their status and he knew their influence on their daughter but, he went ahead to get married to the woman. I don't understand how his ego is getting in his way. He lost his job and wifey doesn't get much income, so how are they going to survive?

  41. I'm a jamaican living in the US, love your segments ,fun to watch

  42. Phrankleem you are wrong on this one for the first time for me. Family is everything your mother and Father is not here forever It will be his money when his in-laws dies. He wanted to get a Divorce for material thing that his wife got. He has to know that he is the man. If he is feeling low down it’s his guilt

  43. There is a reason why Rich marry Rich from way way back. It is so hard for those with a vast difference in wealth to think alike. The woman will never see what the deal is and the guy will never understand why she cannot understand him. If they are both from wealthy families, he wont care and she wont need to ask money from the parents or brothers…and she wont be mad if he is collecting from his Dad as well…aka Davido getting gifts from his Dad. I think they should seek counseling not divorce. People are quick to divorce…what about the children being shuttled between wealth and average…just pure madness without thinking about the children. We cant be SELFISH and only think about us once we have children. Would the children want a divorce over this?

  44. The inlaws are outlaws, they need to get a life. Respect your children's marriage, let them figure things out for themselves. The man should have opened his eyes well well before entering that family. That family culture is toxic and a bully. She needs to be married to a boy boy, who has no backbone. A real man will never put up with being in his inlaw back pocket. She needs a boy boy.

  45. Watching from Philadephia Pennsylvania I like your content.

  46. The guy sounds like a diva. It does not matter what his inlaws think about him all that matters is how he sees himself and how his wife sees him period.

  47. They wanna spend money on my family? Okay. Bring they money, I will invest it and become bigger financially. That's what I would do. Me i don't have issues when it comes to free money. In this case the guy feels emasculated and its understandable but me i would collect their money and invest it

  48. Nice video Phrankleen, I’ll like to point out that this hijack by the wife’s parents isn’t new at all. In my opinion, the guy ignored this 🚩 at the beginning of their relationship and that’s why even his wife feels proud to defend her parents. The wife’s brother’s have zero respect for him because he might have been collecting stuffs from them at some point, we didn’t hear the events that transpired at the beginning of the relationship. If Oga desires to redeem himself, I strongly believe that would be possible only in a new environment.

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