Retrenchements can be daunting. They can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental…


  1. very late comment here! This is also a topic for toxic work environments, and this is so common for a lot of people in work spaces. Thank you for this because this is a reality, also for the advise.

  2. Be legal wise we never know until we stuck in a situation thanks guys❤️

  3. Applauding you for being inclusive.

  4. When they start taking away projects from you but you are the only person doing that job, strategically being pushed out, corporate though🥺this is informative thank you.

  5. I can totally relate. Thank God you did not take it lying down.

  6. Lerato is a great storyteller/hype person. He hypes Pheto, gives us key details that she may be reluctant to share, tells things as they are, ama-sound effects ngapha! Yeyi!

  7. I would like to meet ses Pheto one day

  8. Oh wow, this was soo needed , going through the same experience at work, thank you for sharing

  9. I love that unlike other African countries S.A is democratic and there are laws that protect people but I feel the Dept of Arts & Culture still has alot to do for artists to have a decent livelihood. For example 5year contracts so one can atleast pay off a car or some kind of saving. I think history has proven that artists get really frustrated and even end up without savings or retirement plans

  10. The HR realized she was messing with the wrong person lol. Thanks for the insight s guys.

  11. Absolutely loved this conversation, very insightful! Thank you

  12. Not Lerato saying he is a retranchment 🤣😂🤣

  13. I am currently facing the same situation. I understand very well what you must have felt like Phetola. People will treat you like nothing because they seem to think or feeling you somewhat are capable and it mustn't be beyond them. I am so shattered because the only thing one is worried about is how am I going to make ends meet? Like why do you want to see someone so low. It doesn't make any sense to me and no matter how hard you try and keep pushing but still a person will belittle you an treat you like you are nothing. That breaks ones spirit so much even get to a point where you doubt God and ask him why is he letting all of this happen. I am currently facing the same situation, don't even know how to go on about it? Because why? I am desperate akere? This whole thing is just a lot. Bosses seem to think that we need them more than they need us and its not like that. Especially if someone went through personal things with you and then they take advantage. Thank you much for the enlightenment and to at least know that it doesn't happen to just one person. Everyone is going through it and it happens to the better of us. People see you quite and a very cordial person and they think hai this one is stupid. Like why go thought the lengths of destroying someone. It shakes me so much that its okay to be rude, mean and a person that oppresses other people in the world. That now is regarded okay to the world we living in. When you are mean it makes you a better person. Iyoh the society we live in is sickening.

  14. 😭😭5yrs of a toxic work environment.
    I studied mine survey never got a job so I applied for other jobs. Surely enough I got as a Receptionist, great no not great. My bosses were horrible people, was told am not good enough don't know my job, guys I was thriving at that position.
    So 31 March 2022 I finally left, currently unemployed but at peace.

    I have developed anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicide thoughts. I once told someone from church she told me, am just a cry baby. But people don't understand that there is a huge difference between a difficult boss vs a toxic boss.

    😒Am rumbling but this hit home, yey coz wow am going through it. Keep me in your prayers

  15. Haha is we toy toy for me, thanks for this information. Love from Namibia 🇳🇦

  16. I went through the same thing, unfortunately I had no rights as a junior in the company and I just peacefully left because mentally I was tanking also andI couldnt take it anymore and no will to continue and fight. I love how Lerato supports you, you are blessed to have each other. Thank you for the sound advice Phetola.

  17. loved this conversation family, very informative 👏 👍 👌

  18. 😭😭😭you scratched my healed wound with this topic. This is like dejavu Mrs Makgs.🥺

  19. I have learnt so much from this conversation. Thank you so much 😊😊

  20. What happened to you Phetole is exactly what iv gone through in my previous job, my tasks where assigned to someone else in my presence, I'd go to work and literally sit the whole day and do nothing while my colleague was doing my job, later on my boss called me in a meeting and said to me the company was affected by covid 19 and he felt he should let me go while the other person that found me there was staying, and I got a two months salary after working for 5 years for the company… I was so confused and sad at the same time it was rough guys!!! Thank you for sharing this hey…

  21. Mara le proper akere, sign language interpreter 👌. Always appreciate your content

  22. Oh my goodness i have experienced something so similar. My manager hated me for personal reasons. Its crazy how the exact same things happened to me… the taking away of tasks and strategically pushing me out. I was also forced to sign a performance assessment where she lied and said i was not coping and undergoing my second training when i was never even trained for the job i was doing but still did exceptionally well. I told HR before i signed that the statements are not true but they said i should go ahead and sign since the bottom print says " signing this does not mean you agree with statements mentioned". First assessment i was apparently doing well and was well adapted and competent to run all tests and this was without training whilst she had lied in her reports about me receiving full induction and training. I didnt fuss about it cause i adapted so well. What happened was terrible and the company knows her to have done this to many but they still keep and support her choices despite her bad reputation of unfairly working out her staff. I was not the first, not the second, not the third yet they sat and watched me leave like just another unlucky one. This experience affected my confidence alot cause she not only conspired but she was deliberately trying to feed me with the idea that I'm incompetent like an abuser. I couldn't fight it with HR because they were accustomed to her moves, choosing to do nothing about it so i just let it go. The details of what happened are quite disappointing and shocking but that certainly was a painful first time working experience. I think cause it was my first time working, i froze from encountering such evil and i just took it all in and accepted alot i wasn't supposed to. It seems the bullying is real and they operate the exact same way. Most of these bosses are known for doing this and have done it to so many and they destroy more than careers, they destroy livelihoods and wellbeing of these people which will affect them beyond that workspace.

    Thank you for this video, it will definitely help many. People need strategies and awareness so that when they encounter this they are able to identify it and take all necessary steps.

  23. This is so insightful. Much-needed vlog. Danko.

  24. A very informative video, appreciated 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

  25. Great work on adding our sign langauge interpreter. Representation and inclusion matters.

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