My Scariest Travel Story

After traveling to 196 countries, this was the craziest place I have ever been!! Have you had…


  1. Excellent presentation. Thanks.

  2. I come from Yemen and I truly wish you come to Yemen in better circumstances and most importantly by the time the war is over
    I'm a huge fan of you Lexie , being one of the followers who watch your videos permanently
    We love you so much

  3. Yeah now i I wanna cry…f**k this war it literally destroyed my childhood and now my adolescence

  4. Very interesting story! Thanks for sharing beautiful lady😘😘😘 xox

  5. you should have went to the south, i would have let my family there give you a feast lmao

  6. South Arbain people are heroes

  7. I hope you visit our country again, we love you Lexie

  8. When you give yourself to places, they give you yourself back.
    Awesome presentation.
    Now tell us among all the places you visited which one was your favorite in terms of friendliness, food, culture and hospitality. Mention one place only please.
    Be safe and be well.

  9. I'm from Yemen and I wanna tell you that our country is as you mentioned that there are some countries who make us being like that and they didn't need our country growing up by using it's resources.
    So, we all ask God to help and save us and get our country out of these wars .
    Finally, I hope you make up your journey with another chance in the future and you enjoy it.


  11. The USA is fully responsible for the conflicts in Yemen resulting millions of people dead and homeless.

  12. Oh I presume you have so many passports because the Middle East countries and Arabic countries all hate each other, as well as all hating Israel

  13. I deleted the commet don't kill me

  14. I don't think you have visited Iran yet.

  15. What shit is she talking about? Saudi Arabia is trying to help Yemen and Iran is trying to fuck everything up. See what they tried to do in Bahrain

  16. Sold something on ebay and the address said Yemen. At first I started googling about shipping costs and customs then I forgot that I put "ship to USA only".

  17. You make me smile because of wedding party go to Somalia 🇸🇴 please

  18. Meanwhile in Yemen: A wedding? I love weddings. Free Ammo all around.

  19. U should of went to Sana’a it’s better than Aden these days

  20. Muslims don’t drink alcohol but we don’t shoot guns at weddings😂 what muslims u talking to

  21. And it's only getting worse 🥲 thanks for sharing this amazing video ❤

  22. HOW can i miss that you've been to Tedx in AUSTRIA??? Oh my god, i'm sad.

  23. since I can remember I always wanted to travel to every country in the world. I am only 15 and online-only found men reaching that. Now seeing you I think I can do it.
    Thank you

  24. I don’t approve of the gun thumbnail #noguns #endwars

  25. How do the men treat you? Did you get harassed? Grabbed? Did anyone ever touch your butt and chest „by accident“?

  26. I often find countries with good people usually have bad governments and countries with good governments usually have bad people who take everything for granted.

  27. COME

  28. I'm new to your channel I like the content … watching from mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

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