My Parents demanded monthly allowance from my husband and this happened…..

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  1. How old is this woman?. Once you get married you and your husband are one. Why involved the extended family. The husband needs to remove himself from this marriage permanently. The woman needs to find someone who will provide funds to her parents on a monthly basis and look after her as well. She sounds immature.

  2. The wife is a big part of the issue. She should have never talked bad about her husband to anyone. I'm on her husband side 💯. Why should he give all that money to her Dad? Her Dad needs to work and take her of his own family. Lastly, if her brother can't afford to get married then he shouldn't be getting married then….

  3. These pay rents basically are pimping thier poor children .This is HORRIFIC 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄!!!!They have no shame !!!

  4. To understand why she's happy and okay that her husband pays all these bills you need to understand female psychology… its a necessary course before every heterosexual male! if you don't you will never understand how they think.

  5. That's true. When an African woman gives you papers,you'll never hear the end of it. I know of a woman who charged her then husband £5k before they go to Africa to get married. After they already had a kid.

  6. Wow!! Like seriously, am a big fan of Nigerians movies and these are the things i always heard in their movies.. I didn't know all of this would be a reality😳😱…this is such a big disrespect to the husband after he paid her bride price him still have to support the brides family… then that bro also needs money to get married.. then after marriage he would demand his monthly allowance to take care of himself and his wife… didn't the husband knows about the terms and condition before him get himself tied up into that stressful marriage..

  7. The lady should take care of her parents. They trained her and supported her until she got her residents and citizenship papers. I don't see why the husband cannot make a little effort to help her take care of her parents? Does he not take care of his own parents? The lady should reconcile with her husband and get a job or some income. In addition, the husband needs to get his parents to complete the traditional marriage process. No Nigerian parent should be denied that honour.

  8. Nope!! You are not going to verbally beat me up and then say give me money! I will send your daughter back to you. She better get a job and send every cent home. Ok, I’m American so these cultural norms in Nigeria are not in place here. She better get a jobby job, sent her mani-pedi money home, stop buying clothes and getting your hair done outside and send that too.

  9. Having said “I do” means you are now dedicated to your mate. You have chosen to “forsake others” and are investing your life in this relationship. You are dedicated to keeping the relationship vibrant and healthy through being intentionally caring, giving and sacrificially loving." ~ Crosswalk   
            " And forsake all others…"
    Always put your husband before your parents. Period the end.

  10. Yes u r missing something cause this lady used to help her parents n now he is working n she's not he should help by giving them even 50 pound every month he is selfish greedy after he reached his target no respect dude have a respected did he pay her dowry or bride price no he go her for nothing respect

  11. Even if she didn’t help him acquire his papers, some other woman with common sense would have helped him. People drown in their own water, when they allow others into their space.

  12. Why doesn't she get a job to support her parents???? Her father made the mistake of stipulating the amount of money he wanted. I think her husband over reacted by moving out- he was looking for an excuse to move out anyways!!!He can t be such a good man if he moves out over something that has been going on since the start of their relationship. Something more going on with this story than her parents demanding money

  13. I don't blame the dude; I am a woman and definitely would not tolerate bullshit like that; apparently she has been discussing her husband and his residency status with her parent and that gave her freaking parents the right to try to lord things over him. What an utter disrespect for her husband. How dare she even ask you if you think the husband is overreacting; hello, is she ok? she is asking because she knows she and her parents are wrong; Her husband is a good man; he should have blown up a long time ago. her parents shouldn't ask them for anything. Is the son in law bank of America? I believe they would give the parents something if they have extra. Some women have a good thing and don't appreciate it until it is gone. She is really a nut case; let her father marry her; good riddance to bad rubbbbbiiiiisssshhhh.

  14. On a second thought, would the guy have angrily moved out if he hadn't gotten his papers at the time? There is a setting called family. This wouldn't have been an issue if the relationship between the two families had been cordial. Nothing wrong in contributing to your brother in laws wedding. More so, voluntarily!

  15. Hi Phrankleen,I like your channel and today’s topic.I do not like the fact that her parent are asking for a monthly payment but there are two sides to a story.Think about this,what if her husband didn’t have his papers regularized?,would he had packed out?So many people are marrying because of the good they get from the marriage.2)After the white wedding,was there a traditional marriage?If no,then I see why her parent are demanding a wedding in Nigeria.

  16. Please Phrankleen, This story is a typical example of what am going through, I had to move out, this so called wife would blackmail you that her mother that gave birth to her is who I don’t want to send money too,,, it’s really sad because my kids are the once affected now. But I no go fit come die because say I get kids Abeg


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