My Massive Tech Unboxing 44.0!

My Massive Tech Unboxing 44.0!

Learn to build your very own Smart Home with my new course! -…


  1. I have a question what do you do with all your unboxing stuff I mean you have a box seems like once a month or so so I counted like 10 on boxings I think what are you do with all that stuff with mine getting something please I love your videos

  2. What are some manes of tech stores

  3. I will say the Link buds are just Airpods with Transparency mode on, lol.

  4. some samsung devices with its own devices if its been paired once on it and they sense you start playing media on the other device.

  5. 20:30 “Fuck your permission! Look at me, I am your earbuds now!!”

  6. There is a thing called Diaper genie like the garbage can for diapers 🙂

  7. Nah the Xbox Screen is wild🔥

  8. The baby output had me rolling cuz its true lol

  9. where can I get that box opener?

  10. Y’all crack me up on these unboxings lol

  11. My man love your content I have to what kind of unboxing knife that is please

  12. its the blessing of the week, keep up the good work

  13. Wish to have an unboxing an apple brand

  14. POV: u watch this vid without snacks and drinks

  15. "this one is huge" THATS WHAT SHE SAID HAHAHAHA

  16. does anyone knows from where is his sweater ?

  17. He seems to hate her wife

  18. Love these unboxings especially the banter that goes on between the team. Just about the only videos that i watch on this channel.

  19. Hey mn wat do u do with all these stuff like do you keep them sell them or ???
    That's alot of tech man

  20. I love the window behind you. It just makes the video so much better. 😀

  21. Just a thought but I’d totally watch a UrAvgConsumer Gundam Channel that is dedicated to everything gundam and long videos of you building the model kits

  22. 7:03 why was I was feeing when the gift cards going to drop 😂


  24. I remember being here for the first one. The fact that there’s 44 of these is mind blowing.

  25. What I’ve come to realise not complaining love these vids but this vid is basically a big ass tax write off for whatever he buys lol

  26. that hyper bit was funny lmao

  27. What if that mask is for deaf people to know you are saying something to them. That is the only use case I can think of.

  28. What’s the link on his knife ?? I need one

  29. Its So kool That Arie Is Lending her Voice To The Vid Thats EVERYTHING

  30. …been watching for the better part of 6 years now, and for some reason this is my favourite MTU of all time. So many little moments (not even tech related) that were just hilarious. 🔥🖤

  31. Seems like you have become NOT an average consumer

  32. So where’s the link for that switch case ?

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