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  1. If you are interested in IFA DIVINATION, buy it here and provide me with relevant info:

    Or just send me an email to

  2. Well said Aburo mi. (My brother) I have been initiating my African American family for 17 years now…. It’s not by accident I found your channel. Ise oluwa Kole baje. Peace profound.

  3. I'm so glad I watched this video. So positive. Removing the shackles with each word spoken.
    And for the peeps in the chat who don't listen and needed to be blocked: He didn't say that you need to be initiated – no one is begging anyone to get initiated, it's not christianity. He said divinations – it is like an insight into your life. But, I think you'd be lucky if you WERE asked to get initiated in to IFA. It's very noble and well-respected.

  4. enjoy your content. please continue your journey

  5. Mr phrankleen must I be a Yoruba person before I can be an IFA worshiper?

  6. In Christianity, I suffer a lot pain.

  7. You are very intelligent, I always like watching you speaking. Thanks.

  8. I think you are right about African Spirituality. I think that's why the Benin Bronzes are still 'owned' πŸ€” by the British Museum.

  9. Franklin, Ifa a gbe o, Etutu Eledumare a ye e kale oo. I thoroughly enjoyed this, first time I come across a man with discerment of his ancentry. I'm proud of you. As for Christianity it is the greatest scam, deception and lie in history. You are a man of intelligence and eloquence, please read Matthew 24:4 and tell me what Jesus of Nazareth has to say about 'Jesus Christ. It is as clear as a bright sunny day, Christianity is a fraud. You are chanced to read an unpublished book on Jesus of Nazareth (not Jesus Christ a phantom,, if you desire, I have it. More to discuss about Ifa since you are an initiate like me. I was intiated in 1973.

  10. The mysteries of this world is in Gods hand. I am so happy for you that you realized your calling on time. How do I get in touch with you.

  11. Imagine stealing killing and destroying in the name of jesus

  12. Thank you! It is hard though for the average Africans to see it. Thanks for your work.

  13. Nice one Phrankleen…Africans are socially and spiritually confused. It's time to go back to our roots to find ourselves.

  14. Peace & blessings my brother. Words cannot express my gratitude & appreciation for you in making this video. πŸ”₯❣️I’m on this journey of
    African spirituality only 3 months & I know my life has changed for the better, in such a short time. I’ve had the blessings to hear some powerful, mind blowing teachings
    of the Elder Credo Mutwa. (May his memory forever be blessed). Even though I’m on this journey late in life (I’m 67 yrs young), I’m so, so thankful to know I will
    finish my yrs, walking in my truth. Plz continue enlightening our people to who they really are. As an African people, we are divine. Those who know this, are blessed. It is
    sad to know & see how we (African people) have lost our way. Our spiritual deception by other nations has hurt us to our core. May our beloved ancestors continue to
    call us back to our rightful truths & lineages. May Akebulan rise & be restored! ASE! πŸ”₯

  15. Im initiated into Palo and Santeria. Bendicion

  16. bro tech them you are smart I am with you bro

  17. My Yoruba, he just send me this to watch, he know exactly how my heart feels concerning Christianity I was born into?? I stop going to church 3years ago… Now I understand I need to know my root as an urhobo and I'm going to send my name and he's to know our compatibility?? This part scare me the most. I want to know… email right away.
    I love this. Thank you.
    Some sense.

  18. What you are saying is correct, the gods warship from were I can from was stolen and sold to a foreign white who was working in the village at that time and he want away with it. Alarm was raise in the village and a cause was placed on the person who took it.
    The boys become sick and they confess and die.
    After so many years the white return the gods saying he could not sleep or rest because f the disturbance from the god he took.

  19. Gbaaaaam! Odogwu, for me I have no apologies for those that hate self!

  20. My name is Ola how can I do Ifa divination

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