My First Day in DJIBOUTI (Africa)

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Nomad Shubham

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My First Day in DJIBOUTI (Africa)

Hey everyone,

Join me on my first day in Djibouti City, where I encountered unexpected challenges while exploring the local culture. Despite my intention to document my own experiences, I found myself facing resistance from some locals who were uncomfortable with being filmed. Witness the complexities of navigating cultural differences and…



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  1. You have to respect the country's culture, tradition, religious aspects whenever you visit. Now it's Ramadan time, Ab tum half pant pahenke mosque ke pas or mosque ke under ja nehi sakte. As per Muslim mejoretian country, gov rules are followed by religion as expect. Not only that there are few military bases, so few restrictions are maintained. On the other hand, the country has many problem, and they are not interested to show bad sights to all over the world through internet, that's why the gone for rude while seems forigner someone is recording. so leave it as it is, just ghumo firo, or jitna ho sake humare liye record karo. kohi bat nehi, kohi or desh jayda record kar lena… Thanks for your vlog.

  2. Shubham bhai try to visit Phillipines and Indonesia country
    I think you can provide us many more episodes of these countries
    Cause these countries people are friendly as well as there have nive place to visit

  3. Please brother check my comment📌 brother next vlog to Russia….come to nustiya and juliya….. !why are you nustiya and juliya please recommend a one'vlog😊