My Ex-Husband Who Cheated on Me With My Sister Emailed Me After 6 Years | Ep. 113

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My Ex-Husband Who Cheated on Me With My Sister Emailed Me After 6 Years | Ep. 113

Episode 113 – With Madi, Brandon and Sam

0:00 Back to Filming in Real Time
3:02 Blachelor Update
7:10 We Missed Eachother
18:05 Parent’s Test
29:11 Nebraska Accents
31:22 AITA For Walking Out of an Event When My Fiance Introduced Me as a Bookkeeper
34:12 Response
55:25 Updates
55:58 Here’s What Brandon is Teaching Madi
58:33 Madi’s Rizz Tip…



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  1. Dave Ramsey thinks if you're paying 1k for childcare a week that you're putting them in some 4 star resort & suggests finding free childcare like WHAT not in the u.s unless it's family or really good friends

  2. There is no possible way that the open marriage question is just about the sex or is any way a new thing. The level of disregard, disrespect, selfishness, entitlement, and dismissiveness it takes to tell your wife of decades, the mother of your children, to give you a bj but you will not even reciprocate cannot be contained to just one area of their marriage. He can’t be a great, helpful, kind, husband in other ways and treat her like that in only one way. Just not possible. The fact that she immediately and repeatedly accepts responsibility as being the problem and thinks open marriage to save her self-esteem rather than kick him to the curb shows that he has beaten her down over those decades of marriage. Even if you didn’t divorce a man over it, what woman would think that she was the problem when he thinks she should stay married to him and give him bj’s when he wants to get off, but never ever expect any sexual satisfaction ever, not from him and not from anyone else? The level of doubt and self-blame speaks to years of many emotional beatings and an acceptance of being nothing and being made to feel guilty for even the smallest ask from a very demanding husband. Even the sex issue isn’t just about sex and there is no way that his complete disregard of her needs and her feelings is limited to sexual activities.

  3. I grew up in Kansas City through middle school and then moved around a bunch so I’ve picked up slang from all over and it’s made me more aware of my Midwest slang, but man I never thought about my usage of “Ope!” 😂 shout out to my NE Midwest comrades for pointing that out. We do love a good “Ope”.

  4. Sam said exactly what I was going to say 1:24:30. Her first step WAS to talk to him. Multiple times. He just doesn’t want to make any compromise with her and she needs to serve him with divorce papers.

  5. About stealing babies… i have an aunt so petty she picked up her elderly aunt from a care facility, photographed her at her mother's grave and left it framed in the room for the real guardians to see (it was very upsetting for family members to find out she was meddling just to be petty). I immediately told my childcare facility because… yeah she's crazy and hates our side of the family. People be crazy, you never know! And she looks so much like my baby's approved emergency contacts I was concerned.