for any legal help to Winnie,Get intouch with me…


  1. Thank you all for the tags:)
    Will look into this.
    A special thank you to Hiram for giving mama Kingsley a space to pour her heart out🙏🙏
    We appreciate you.

  2. I Really enjoy your story's I'm new here but I only understand less I sagest you translate in English in writing on the screen ….great show keep it up 🇿🇦

  3. Hiram,I am proud of what you are doing.May God bless you abundantly

  4. Hello Winnie!!!I am very sorry for the loss and grief you are going through.I have ever lost a loved and I understand you.Please read Psalm 147:3_God Heald the broken hearted and binds their wounds.I promise you my prayers.Shalom

  5. New subscriber added 🌹
    You are a voice to the voiceless Hiram,may God lift you up

  6. 🙏 for Winnie. May you be comforted by the grace of Spirit. RIEP Baby Kingsley you are an angel in the Spiritual Realm.🙏

  7. Naelewa uchungu hup mamaa,,,even me I loose my son this year January 😭😭😭😭may God comfort you sister 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Rejection=injection woman should have exam the boy body before hospital.Karma will judge for this woman. And hoping that Kingsley comes back.

  9. Ooh no this is soo painful,God of justice may you pliz give justice to this mom

  10. Woie innocent baby had a bad feeling being left with a stranger…The crying was a sign while the mother was going to buy nyama.
    Babies have strong feelings when something bad is abt to happen.
    Pole sana Mummy Kinsley.
    May justice prevail for baby Kinsley.
    That man is evil, how can you kill ur own innocent baby.

  11. He was bitter of being ordered to pay child's upkeep by children's officer

  12. 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖒𝖔𝖘𝖒 💖

  13. How much was the postmortem pathologist paid to overturn the truth.we live in a very corrupt society .a lady struggles with pregnancy for nine months some one just takes less than 20 minutes to caurse pain in someone life

  14. MAY THE Almighty God Pinish that evil idiot until his judgment day with God.. Let those tears 😢 don't vanish vain Amen

  15. This so inhuman ..
    That man should rot in jail no matter who he is or where he came from .

  16. This is sooo sad..pole Sana mama King may God fight for you🙏

  17. May God comfort you Winnie. So so sad. May The Peace Of God, that Surpasses All Understanding fill your heart and mind. Peace mummy.

  18. Ngai this is painful why now

  19. Lynn ngugi,metha ya kagoni, pastor kiengei, pastor Ruth wamunyu,kuraya ona Andu othe awendi mwega , this pain is too much 😥😥😥

  20. May God comfort and console Winnie it's not easy..

  21. May the killer know no peace may the blood of the child hunt him fever #justiceforKingsley#

  22. Lynn God will pay you back you are still young just relax wait and see what God can do

  23. There's God in heaven, dnt mind.God will revenge for you.

  24. Justice justice in jesus name

  25. Lynn Ngugi….kindly we need you to involve to this story….lazima this beautiful Angel apate justice

  26. Oooh my God…am so sorry it's so painfull to hear how you found him. Am so sorry mamaa Gosh. This is so sad. Khaai.

  27. So sad indeed, that man killed his own son bcz of the upkeep he was told to pay monthly, shame on him may he lucky peace and may the innocent soul get justice.

  28. kama mama hii inaniuma sana hadi nashindwa kuzuia machozi na majonzi . kuzaa na kulea ndio sisi na nyang'au yenye haisaidii inafanya hicho kitendo. May the will of God be done na mungu ampe nguvu dada yetu

  29. Justiceforkingsley😭😭😭

  30. I really couldn’t understand but I continued to watch and I felt her pain . Is there any way that I can send her funds to help hire a lawyer ? Someone help me with this please.

  31. But Winnie not good to display your number this monster can send people to harm you. Pole sana and my your son get justice. Take heart.

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