My $12,000 Air Jordan Retro 1 Collection | I AM RIO P.

My $12,000 Air Jordan Retro 1 Collection | I AM RIO P.

☟ L O O K  B E L O W ☟



  1. Hope you guys enjoy the vid! Make sure you hit that like button for ya boy!

  2. I was wondering why my breds and og’s had glitter on em, i’ve had them for a minute but for some reason they have glitter on em, i never bother cleaning it off i thought it’s kind of a cool look

  3. do you still have the jordan 1 LS or the jordan 1 phats available?

  4. I love the channel, stumbled upon you randomly about the hair transplant video, and now this! I have a decent sneaker collection as well. I remember having the first shot 1s in hs, I don’t know what happened to them 😩. Almost had the 2011 banned ones, was in line at the Nike outlet, but it got cold and I was at least the 100th person in line so we left. I’m upset about that 😭.

  5. I wish reselling never existed, life was so simple when you can buy sneakers You want at a decent price.

  6. black and white 1’s are my favorite

  7. Mannnnn you got some heat lol

  8. Bro ur maintenance on ur clothes n shoes is phenomenal. U take care of wat u own n not take it for granted. Quality vid once again

  9. Those Laney ones would go great with the Laney Jersey . But I feel like you might have the Rams jersey to match 🔥🔥

  10. Bro , all of your ones are heat! 🔥

  11. Yoo the unc mids are hard! I ain’t never seen some like those! Your 1’s collection is hard

  12. I need a shoe maintenance/how to keep your shoes clean bro there 🔥

  13. Love the video, mad funny that these so called sneakers heads don't know there knowledge on history of jordans

  14. One of the most underrated channels on YouTube period. Ive been watching the channel for years and the amount of quality content you put out is amazing man

  15. My boy Rio never disappoints with the vids..

  16. good collection bro..I feel it..really nothing hyped…I see a true sneaker lover

  17. I so pissed i slept on them rookie of the year 1s . I want them bad

  18. I’ve never seen the black KOs crazy man ✊🏿

  19. Heeeeeat! Plus you got my favs The Mids lol lows are fire too.

  20. Good shit! I wanna see the rest of your collection!


  22. Boy your voice is softer than toilet tissue 😂🤣

  23. Liked the video 👍🏻 entire collection video would be lit

  24. There is a factual reason why the crystals appear on 1s. As the shoe warms and cools through the seasons the glue that bonds with the black cheap leather panels reacts and secretes an oil that crystallises, they have a real scientific word for it now but I forgot what it was or who's channel I saw it on in the last few weeks

  25. Hold onto them laneys peeps dont know nowadays

  26. Chicago ko gonna have people standing on their heads soon

  27. Do more of these rio I like all the old ones 🔥🔥do all of your favorites 5s 6s 11s whatever 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

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