Multiple Businesses and Properties but adamant Wife wants UK relocation

Multiple Businesses and Properties but adamant Wife wants UK relocation

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  1. Yes, yes I can see what is going on here the patern is the same.
    For some strange reason successful people like this are being spiritual targeted and attacked.
    The very first time I heard these type of stories was way back in 2008.
    Back then I thought this was just a one off.
    But now what I have discovered is that this is happening alot. 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  2. What kind of woman is this? Your husband has business in ten states in Africa doing very well . Why would any woman want her husband to leave all that and come to America to suffer ! Who is fooling her? This man will get depressed if he comes here and if she does not take time her marriage will break. The man already boss man in Africa, he comes here his skills and degree will not transfer. He has to start all over maybe from security guard or cleaning jobs. Why does she want to damage this man ego? If they were suffering in Africa, this will make sense to me. The man is doing very very well. Some women are not wise oo.

  3. Quite an interesting piece Phrankleen! My take is this; anyone of us whom have lived on both sides will not even spend time deliberating on this! If you are doing well back home, please, please and please expand your territory and investments there, and of course you can have investments in the west! Nothing is wrong with that. Every now and then, as you wish, travel out for vacations or what have you! Don't relocate permanently. You have no idea until you jump across! If the couple is thinking of moving abroad, question is why? For those that aren't doing so well or rather struggling a bit back home, and have got the opportunity, yes of course you can come over, but when you do, start thinking of investing every penny you receive as much as you can. If you are doing well back home, please stay there and expand.

  4. Well if it was me, I will ask her to carry her self and if she wants the kids, will support her for 6 months, after which the support will be significantly reduce, she can go work make money and pay her bill, me I will remained in Nigeria and visit them every quarter.

  5. White people are universally the Best in the world at marketing. They can sell garage because they are great at it. We black people put very little importance on marketing. We Will have a fool paint a Billboard for a restaurant ir business. We don't market ourselves ir our countries

  6. The grass is always greener on the other side. I would love to go back to Nigeria soon.

    Africans in the US/UK are frustrated with the high taxes, racism, unforgiving legal system, high cost of living, lack of work life balance. You'll work till you hair turns grey and still die in debt.

    Africans (especially Nigerians) are frustrated with the lack of security, stable electricity, medical facilities, curruption, and reliable infrastructure. Money can't really fix most of these problems.

    I think both sides of these arguments are valid. The problem is people are using other people's lives on social media as a yard stick for their own potential.

  7. It is not possible for a foreigner whether they be Chinese, British, American etc to own land freehold in East African countries. A foreigner can lease land but not purchase it outright. There are also certain areas where foreigners are not allowed to own land on any basis.

    Also, it is best not to conflate issues, the civil war that started in Tigray Region has nothing to do with foreign investment in Ethiopia.

  8. I know of a friend whom his wife pressurized to come to the UK. This guy worked with the Zenith Bank, saved alot and resigned his job for the trip. This guy listened to his wife, came to the UK with his wife, only for his wife to leave him for another man because his husband was not having a permanent residence in the UK.

  9. As an American professional. I am trying to convince my husband for years to leave the US. Don’t be deceived you will never be happy here. You will struggle with things even when you have a good income. It’s always one thing or another here. Taxes are getting crazier every day inflation is pursuing us. You name it we have to experience it. What opportunities are in the West that you won’t can’t make better in Africa. Visit for three months if you must. Do not sell anything or uproot to come here. It will be your biggest regret.

  10. Home is home and no place like Nigeria. However, if you need to relocate, by all means, please do so. I relocated because I want to live in a saner society. Also, there is huge prospect for me to succeed in my field outside Nigeria. That said, I am not one to abandon Nigeria. I am just here for the bread.

  11. Some are suggesting the wife should relocate abroad with the kids while the man remains in Nigeria…..guess what would happen next, rent, utilities, bills, food, car, insurance monies would have to be sent from naija to them, automatically loosing through forex and ofcourse, the sentiments that, " how about the welfare of the children, as a responsible father ". A number of families run these sorts of arrangements and it's mostly the women behind this push

  12. When you are colonized, you just can’t think for yourself.

    You always think without your colonizer you can’t just make it

    Even our leaders are always looking to go there for various

    Some of them are health, borrow money etc etc

    So we grew up thinking 🤔 that it is only when we go there before we become whole and enlightened

  13. I had NOT heard anything about Credit Card before when beck home. I thought everyone who takes his picture in front of beautiful car,house, and show expensive stuff owned them or purchased with cash as Usual. Once I got here, almost everyone owes at least some thousands of dollars as school loan, car debt, mortgage, furniture , and so on. I then decided not to post my photo like they do. “Life in abroad is not a JOKE” Phrankleen said

  14. Both location have pros and cons. Using the UK and Nigeria as an example and assuming you are in the UK legally with the right to work. There is free health care no matter what the health situation, it could be cancer, brain surgery or on-going illness like sickle cell. You get treated for free. There is better security, there are no instance of people turning away from M25 because there is a highway robbery going on or armed robbers attacking a street at night robbing all the houses.

    On the other hand the financial pressure is very high in the UK. Everything hinge on your credit rating. So any missed payment on your rent,mortgage, car loan, cash loan, credit card loan or overdraft will immediately have a negative impact on your credit rating. Without a good credit you basically cannot get anything done. Landlord wont rent to you, you cannot get a mortgage. That is the reason the suicide rate in the UK is higher than almost all counties in Africa. Actually, suicide is the leading cause of death among men between 20-49 years in the UK. If you however have a permanent stable job that can cover all your Bill's with excess to save and spend you will be fine if you live within your means.

  15. In 2019 there were 215,000 Nigerian born residents in the UK & Northern Ireland.

    Don't think there are "millions" of Nigerians living in the diaspora, even when you include those who are "not in the system."

  16. I grew up in the UK and then I lived and worked in Nigeria for many years. Let’s not be confused, Nigeria even with money can be a stressful place to live. It is mentally and physically draining. When you wake up and before 9am you have shouted at the driver, gate man, okada driver…the list goes on, you’ll start to consider what your money is really doing for you. Plus, money or not, you can die an unnecessary death in Nigeria. You see a tanker fall off ojuelegba and kill a whole family, and it happens multiple times, how does money save you from that. The husband should certainly continue with his business but let’s not demonise the wife for wanting out.

    Also, do not deceive yourself, running a successful business in Nigeria no be beans ohhhhh!! Nigeria doesn’t follow reason. Government is always against you and scaling up business can be impossible because you’re forever micromanaging. Let’s just not romanticise naija. It’s possible to make it but you will put in blood and sweat daily unless you collect government contract and steal.

  17. The man isn't showing you the full picture. The woman knows what she's seeking. Physical/emotional security, opportunity for her kids and equality in the marriage/no polygamy/no side chicks/no husband's family drama is what the woman is seeking. Money can't buy that. I have seen many "big married women" from 9ja move abroad cos they know they can't trust the man they're with to have their best interests at heart, while the man thinks all's well in their relationship…

  18. My gosh! Am ashamed of this guy! Coming here to speak absolute nonsense! Is he even aware of the topic?
    This guy have tons of businesses everywhere and you're talking about leaving all that? That first (male) caller must be ashamed of himself, lo!
    I'm surprised that the (female) caller speaks more sense and are more in tune with the subject matter than this "so-called" ADULT!!

    Bro Frankleen, am sorry for sounding this rude (on your podcast), but this guy just got on my nerves mheen!

  19. She thought that grass is greener in the other side and money grows on trees in foreign countries. They don't know the racism we are facing here. Her husband should stay put in Nigeria let her travel out by herself and she realised that's not easy in overseas as she thought.

  20. Yes I’m black American and I’m invested into Ghana next year. I have a friend who owns quite a bit of land in Accra. He owns 2 acres of 6 acres will buy them up and develop a community . The owners of the land can’t afford to register them so they’ll sell the rest. Sad really but gentrification is on its way in Ghana. Big Money will come .

  21. I think the woman may have good reasons. Think about securitization. If the story is true, I think the family can buy citizenship of other countries e.g New Zealand, Canada etc. In the US, they can go the EB5 route $1m investment. Other countries such as New Zealand and Canada are cheaper though.

  22. London lady must buy jackets 🧥 mann. Weather is always different all over the world, i lived in Botswana for 14 years and you wouldn’t like the extreme high temperatures there +45 in summer

  23. There are good diaspora stories! Not everyone doing menial jobs and packing shit. There are professionals, business and accomplished immigrant in diaspora. The person doing business in Africa can explore the west, buy assets, establish new businesses and all. Nothing wrong with accessing global opportunities! Let anyone that want to travel do so and explore opportunities and let not use examples of failures and struggling people to discourage. Nigeria is not a good case for living, investing and doing business at the moment. The security situation and economic issues not helping matters as well.

  24. At some point they might have to send their children abroad for better education n what if they choose to stay back 🤷‍♀️. Personally I see no wrong in them experiencing both worlds, as d saying goes "experience is d best teacher". If they find it unbearable then they can always pack their baggage n go back afterall, no amount of persuasion/advise can work… its different strokes for different folks. Ppl have million reasons for d choices they make🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  25. All I see here, is that everybody is talking base on his or her opinion.
    On this topic, no reason to relocate since they have a bumming businesses.
    The categories of poor people in Africa will always want to relocate

  26. Hello Mr Phrankleen! As you may remember, I had mentioned before that most of the content ideas and topics about the African diaspora and Africans at home you have done so far are crucial for our people and that I strongly suggest that you compile them into a book so that we all would have a better awareness among each other. I believe it will save a lot of lives being lost at Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea coasts while looking for a better live, and entrepreneurial skills and labor serving the Western World and the Arabs for less or no compensation. Thanks

  27. Something is not right about the story, most rich folks in Nigeria do not raise their families there, they are all in the UK/US. So the guy can send the wife & kids abroad. It is status. So if you have money

  28. Phrank the caller didn't lie. Try playing once on the side of the U.K. it's where you live and that's for a reason. You can see Nigeria's opportunity because of your exposure in the U.K. There's something called Maslow's hierarchy of need. The reason you are worried about your line is because you have food, cloth and shelter. To the average Nigerian they feel the same. It's better to hear them out. We are all different.

  29. All these people talking about relocation and abroad is a good life, are they mad?
    Listen…I have to take my daughter to work with me 2x a week bcos I can’t afford proper childcare ( she’s 7 months and childcare for babies are more expensive) , U.K. is expensive, is cold and racist. You’ll make money but will leave majority paying to survive , they’ll regret it . Life here is hard

  30. Every time we blame the west, we continue to employ avoidance tactics! Why would an outsider tell me to punish my family and I would do it if not that I never care for the family anyway? We need to look inward and not blame the outsiders for our problems! Home is home but not when you cannot be assured your humanity will remain intact.


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