Mother Sues School Board Over 4 Yr Old Daughter's Finger Severing Accident

Mother Sues School Board Over 4 Yr Old Daughter's Finger Severing Accident

Emma Ansah reports on a mother suing a school board after her child’s finger was severed.


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  1. I hope this young mother and her precious heal from this horrendous incident. I hope she gets more than that one mill. As a mother, I am livid, no one accompanied this baby to the hospital!!

  2. That isn’t an injury, she was maimed 😡😡😡. How does a four-year-old get into an altercation? They always downplay it when it’s them but,when it’s us, they would’ve used the word maimed and not injured.

    Zechariah 11:5

    “Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.”

  3. Where the hell is the man of the house why do I never hear them speak in these press conferences. Like never ever this is really odd. The man of the house needs to speak up loud 📢 in situations like this.

  4. With a million dollars she can buy her own School now 😀

  5. I don't see how the school could have stop that incident from happing unless they have someone to protect this lil black girl all day !

  6. You deserve more! What’s being done about the little sh-ts that did that to her?

  7. Bismilah. Where's the father?

  8. What is going on in these schools?

  9. They are not sorry. They are just sorry they got caught. Poor Baby I hope she's gets a win in her lawsuit.

  10. My kids homeschooled. Makes no sense to trust your kids around other peoples kids and you dont know how their raising them. 🙇🏿‍♂️

  11. People forget kids were messed up since they reneged on reperarations. This shouldn't be a surprise. The same ones convinced our women that the mass slaughter of all of our unborn was then and still is the best solution for our people. You refuse to remedy this. All of these pseudo spiritual people in our community have somehow turned a deaf ear to the massassination of babies churning our ancestors in their construction projects, diamond warehouses, groundwater etc. We're destroying everything that makes us true humans.

  12. sue the school and the kids will suffer. Momma gonna buy a new house car maybe start up a nail shop and for the daughter? Ugh she lucky to be alive!

  13. it da yt ppl faul! Not the black kids who did it…

  14. God Bless the mother for suing the pants off of these crooked folks and wishing the daughter the best as well and its very sad 😢😢😢 the daughter had to go through this with bullies and they did that to her finger and she had to get that stitched back up and the school was so irresponsible its sickening and cold blooded of them all the way and hopefully the daughter will be safe now away from that evil school and also wishing the mother the very best of everything.

  15. 4 years old …bless this little angel

  16. 1000000 ain't enough. More like 100 000000

  17. Anytime a child suffers like this at a school is because the teachers allow and support it.

  18. Wow. 4. How old were these bullies. Their lives will never be the same. I can guarantee it.

  19. Children should never be alone in the bathroom especially when there are different age groups in these schools.

  20. What the hell sent the little girl to the hospital alone .. why didn’t one of the staff go with her.. didn’t even hug her poor little girl was afraid and scared..that school done care for children ..

  21. what is the problem? black kids always do bullying at public schools

  22. These are the barbarians that are in charge of our children.

  23. The title alone made me furious

  24. So many white kids just naturally have racism in their blood. Not even from parents, but in their evil blood.

  25. Teachers have got to take these billing seriously. I don't understand why they ignore the bullying gear towards other students, she's a little girl and the teachers are supposed to be in those schools to keep the children safe, but some of them do not care. This is unacceptable.

  26. Please homeschool your children, their not safe in the schools or the hands of the genetically spliced species.

  27. These schools aren't doing anything about bullying. An 8 year old just killed herself due to bullying. SMH.

  28. This is disgusting for any child!

  29. I’ve never seen so many mean and evil kids and teenagers in my life. NEVER in my life heard of kids that young trying to harm other kids in that way. Yeah , kids would usually hit a kid or push a kid but I’ve never heard of a kids slamming a door on a kid’s finger on purpose. These kids are out of control

  30. I am thinking no one went with her daughter to the restroom, no one went with her daughter on the ambulance, that is weird. With all the killing of our black children and body harvesting thru-out the world, I am so glad her daughter is alive and well knowing there could have been fatal incident to the hospital. My God, I pray she gets the 1 million and 1/2 million more so now she can be well set to homeschool.

  31. 🤬 these people, fight for your daughter 'rights , mother

  32. Sad video coverage Queen 👑 1 million dollar lawsuit, isn't enough!

  33. It was reported that the child hand was slammed in the door by the teacher. When did they change the story???

  34. This child did not deserve this! All the people involved should be arrested! She deserves much more than a MILLION!

  35. 😢😢😢😢😢woooooow poor child such a damn shame where were those teachers

  36. Some ones child needs to be in juvenile court. This is a crime

  37. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot et al don't have THIS behavior in their early childhoods….. nowadays do they go straight from pacifier to psychopath. smh

  38. They sent her to the hospital ALONE😲😡They should fired as well as sued!!! Totally SICK! Poor baby I pray the finger heals well and feeling back to normal.. what do parents teach their children 🤷🏿‍♀️

  39. Blacks need to stop allowing these white schools to educate our children. Malcolm X said that only a fool would allow its enemies to educate their children!!. Take heed, send your Black children to black schools or homeschool them, because the systematic racism is not going to change in America!!

  40. Definitely should be suing for much much More!!!

  41. I dare a maga nut to blame that little girl for that. I saw i got scared.

  42. Canada's school system is a reflection of this Satanic controlled Anglo American world of anti-black white supremacy……They don't protect black children.

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