Morocco Travel Guide Itinerary: Sahara Desert & Blue City

Morocco Travel Guide Itinerary: Sahara Desert & Blue City

Follow along as I travel to the best sites in Morocco on this 7-10 day itinerary.



  1. Glad you traveled before pandemic

  2. I am Moroccan but don't feel safe visiting. My dad and his family fled persecution there for being Jewish.

  3. My country is loved by everyone thank u for sharing this trip 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  4. What a beautiful video. Thank you

  5. I really liked the song of min 3:45, tried shazaming it but nothing 🙁

  6. Well done! I've seen all these places & you put it together very well!

  7. If you don't mind me asking how much was the desert trip? And do you have any details about it or a website link? Cheers!

  8. Can you recommend me the tour guide you use

  9. Hello my name Jorge I think you are nice person the same go to your couple , I want to share with you many things including the real meaning of architecture in ancient world is not what you think but all is related the occult before I was atheist very proud in my superior intellect I was so full lies , for reson too long to explain I became obsessed with religion esoteric doctrines parallel in history of religion etc I SUFFER a poltergeist real not fiction the only way I could escape was calling Jesus name I strongly advise against doing yoga there a spiritual side that to beyond what you understand how can exchange mail

  10. It seems like so much talented and blessed artisans are born and gathered in Morocco.

  11. If you stick to tourist spots it's reasonably safe, by reasonably I mean don't travel solely with females or you'll get gang raped and murdered. But nowhere in Africa, or any non-white country, is safe for a single white female to travel in. There's not just millions of horror stories of naive travellers out there, but there's a stead death toll of several hundred a week. Ignore this advice at your own risk, I'm sure it offends and triggers you – but you are NOT safe.

  12. 🎑🎀🎁🎖🎗🎞🎟

  13. lucky your partner didn't swap you for some camels and goats😂

  14. What a great video clip of Morocco! Awesome 👍🏻

  15. welcome to Morocco,travels and desert trips in Morocco

  16. The music, the fake arabic fonts, the touristic sightseeing and costumes… idk I think there are bit too many stereotypes in this video :/

  17. Please visit Azrou. Most relaxing little town in Morocco. 30 min taxi ride from Ifran. Ifran is a great place to bump into college kids from the U.S. If you wanna have a convo in English. Lol

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