Morocco: The Don'ts of Visiting Morocco

Morocco: The Don'ts of Visiting Morocco

Whether you are heading to Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, the Sahara, or the Blue City, Morocco has…


  1. Come again to morocco 🇲🇦 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  2. Feel the need to balance these comments out-

    I went to Marrakech in 2013 and it’s one of the worst holidays I’ve been on. The whole place was filthy and dilapidated, the food was gross apart from one tasty tagine which I had in my hotel (I went to a fair few restaurants), the hash was terrible quality (and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it) and worst of all I was treated like a walking wallet. I rarely felt relaxed or safe. I even got food poisoning at one point. The souks mainly sold junk from china and India and were a huge disappointment.

    Definitely wasn’t for me.

  3. Thank you for respecting my country Sir it meand alot!

  4. After watching this..More shure than ever..I will never visit Morocco.Only thing that make sense is not wearing shoes inside the house.

  5. Wonderful video, thank you so much for taking the time to make it this info is invaluable

  6. you cant go to a mosque if you are not muslim… how would they know if im a muslim or not wtf bro?

  7. Hey you yes you you said you're roasting You're roasting Morocco that is my country like I'm in Morocco I would like boring China and then marco how did how dangerous why the YouTube are says Morocco don't visit Morocco how dare you Americans are bad that can drink drugs and eat beer and eat pork and Morocco you can't eat pork even the whole Muslim Muslim countries don't eat pork like Malaysia

  8. Call of prayer experience is soooo spiritual 🕌

  9. Hey ! You had some Facts wrong about Morocco 🇲🇦 you should've done more research 4 ur assignment .good 👍 luck h'bibou.take care .& never take wooden Nickels……good clip thanks

  10. Pro tip: you don't have to tip people if you carry your stuff yourself and don't let someone else do it, but if you wanna be nice let them do it and tip

  11. thank you for I'm going to Morrocco for one day before egypt!

  12. He knows too much … We moroccans should do something about this hhhhhhhhhh

  13. Um…what's a Medina ?

  14. Can you drink alcohol beverages in Morocco?

  15. Why tip? Europeans dont tip.

  16. Can women ride bikes there? Also are people ok with English speakers?

  17. It's off my list after seeing that motorcycle zoom down the crowded sidewalk in this video. I won't risk my wife and my safety with those idiots driving on sidewalks.

  18. The truth based on my experience: In Marrakech I felt like a walking dollar sign with everyone trying to sell us things and “help” us in order to pressure us into giving them money. The negotiations are tiring and they try to make you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about because they know you don’t since you are a tourist. Then they lie to you about the products. Don’t take your phone out unless you are by the police because people will look to steal it. If anyone grabs you to tell or give you something, you need to tell them “no” very firmly or else they won’t stop. Some ladies grabbed my girlfriend’s arm and forcibly put henna on it when she didn’t want it and we didn’t have any dirham. Then they forced us to pay them in Euros. Don’t eat anything from the street because it will make you throw up or worse. Restaurant food is alright, but not that good. Most restaurants also have almost the same food. People will put monkeys or snakes on you without you asking and then force you to pay them. I probably will never return to Marrakech because of all of this but maybe other parts of the country aren’t so bad.

  19. أنا لستُ المغْرِبي

  20. I want to visit the beautiful country of my mother and grandparents

  21. 10:49 Wtf is wrong with that tajine!!!

  22. I thought God is everywhere? So God needs you to be in a building to worship or talk to god?

  23. It is time for brothers and sisters in kabylie to enjoy freedom.

  24. PS: You cannot just tell people not to pet cats without giving any reason. There cannot be any reason already anyway

  25. SORRY BUT what's the reason for telling people to not to pet cats????? They are quite peaceful animals and they need humans as they are hungry. PET ANIMALS FEED ANIMALS IN MOROCCO.

  26. Tap water is fine. Typical polluting yanks promoting plastic.

  27. Stay in the US dnt invade others lanfs

  28. The main takeaway: DON'T GO TO MOROCCO!

  29. How is it that Wolters been all over the world? Nice work, great job, and from the places I've been, you seem quite accurate and informative. Thanks!

  30. Why I can't pet a dog or a cat?

  31. Impossible to not let my kids pet the stray cats, hahah… they loved them, but yah, quite scary for spreading diseases. Hopefully, things went well.

  32. Boy, this was informative! Thanks so much!

  33. You didn't mention alcohol.

  34. As a black woman from the US, After knowing a Moroccoan person for 5+ years on FB and totally getting insulted and belittled time and time again, i have no good eye for Morocco. Ignorant, Arrogant, rude, ill mannered, and above all else racist. What this person showed me and told me about Morocco in these years just put fire under the stereotypical view ppl have on them. Sorry Morocco.

  35. You are so right on. Excellent advice.

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