More Nigerians Dominating great positions in Europe and America. Why Nigeria is the Joseph of Africa

More Nigerians Dominating great positions in Europe and America. Why Nigeria is the Joseph of Africa

A Nigerian woman Toyin Tofade becomes the first black female president of Albany college of…


  1. pls ajim I like you and I support your work. Nigerians are proud of you and your effort well appreciated. But pls can you also do some narratives about other African diaspora who are doing exceedingly well to make your work a non-controversial one to other Africans .

  2. God bless you Ajim, I saw a magazine that read THE EXPLOITS OF NIGERIANS STUDENT ABROAD 2010. After reading I saw that some western families when to the family of those Nigerians and interviewed them asking them to tell the white family the secret behind their success, since then I knew that there is a special blessing in this country. God didn't make a mistake putting the country Nigeria in Africa. If u look at the various rules Nigeria has played in others Africa countries, like the supply of power to some African countries which Ghana is one of them u just have to ask urself how did it happen when did they start life??? But when u can't provide answers to all these questions u just know that it is God at work.BUT PLS if u still see great minds in others African countries do not hesitate to bring out so we could also learn. Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Kim Jon Un, leader of North Korea is bidding to buy Nigeria n its people from Britain, HOW MUCH? Before the Queen of England sell Nigeria too cheap( coins)

  4. Nigerians must first love themselves- charity they say begins at home .

  5. No US,UK,German, French,Dutch Leader has ever visited Nigeria in History, The countries that matters in the world only want their human n natural resources from distance, Nigeria stinks to them,it smells don't get close.

  6. The mentality of this generation of youth's is annoying, this is not beef or an attempt to credit Nigeria and discredit other African countries, rather this is a call for other Africans to keep there pride aside and tag along with Nigerians, leave the jollof wars and all other crazy wars out of this, Nigeria has broken down that wall and its now open for all Africans to show what they got, you can hate us all you want but at the end of the day you will have to come from behind tag along with Nigerians and let's take over..

  7. Watching from Australia 🇦🇺 big up my african brother

  8. Ajim we Nigerian love ❤️ you ..Nigeria love you 😍 💗
    Thank you so much for all your truth

  9. @Ajim Maczy this is your Naija sister, don’t mind the naysayers, don’t even give them face. You are doing well and spreading the Gospel of LOVE among Africans, keep doing what you’re doing and We SUPPORT you all the way✌️💕

  10. Don't forget the same Obafemi Awolowo is still the same man that brought the first television to the whole of Africa even before France in Europe Nigeria have Tv before France and the first tv in Africa was in Nigeria and the first tv station is in Nigeria even the first African movie was in Nigeria

  11. God bless you our brother
    We love you ❤️ no mind them

  12. If Africa must rise, Nigeria must take the lead. Please every hater must just accept it and aligned with it.

  13. Wode maya really mess up I see you ajim we shall remember you.

  14. Awolowo was not a DR' Do your research very well

  15. God we lead you to your helper🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Job well done ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ajim, my brother! Don't worry yourself my son. You are a "Godsend" and nobody can take that away from you. All those "moo-moo" people running their mouths are nothing but a distraction. Don't let them bother you my man, because we in the diaspora love 💝 you very much, and we know exactly where you're coming from. A couple of years ago when I first discovered you on YouTube, I told you that you had the spirit of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Julius Nyerere, etc. That's who you are and please continue preaching Pan -Africanism, because this generation of youth needs to hear it. Men, I like how you used the story of Joseph to illustrate the significance of divine anointing. That's exactly the position of Nigeria in this dispensation. No one can stop that either. It's divinely ordained. So, my brother, keep up the good work 🤠, and don't listen to ignorant men. Peace ✌️ out!

  17. I know Prof. Tofade personally. She isthe current dean of Pharmacy at Howard University where I am pursuing my PhD. She leaves shortly for New York. I can tell you that at Howard, the two most active professors in pharmaceutical Sciences are Nigerians. Thanks for the work you are doing. Also shine the light on other Africans so they feel included in your exposition.

  18. I just subscribed..ur channel make sense

  19. Ajim, Ur mumu is so cute. 🤣🤣🤣 . This achievement isn't enough to change the narative. Criticize the attitude of the bad nuts. people don't know abt this news n great achievements coz bad news travels faster. U are doing a great job but it's all cos90. U are working hard …not smart.

  20. My beloved brother as long as you are doing what is right and you are doing it whole heartedly without hidden motives" then disregard what people are saying about you and what critic's will brings to you because they can not take anything away from you, continue your great work bro, from a Nigerian brother, one love to our African brothers and sisters 💪🏼💪🏼

  21. I think the Same energy used in promoting positive growth of nigerians , should also be used to criticize the bad things some nigerians do. This at the end will contribute to a positive change in the narative. Y'all desperate to change the narative that most nigerians are bad by promoting the winnings of nigerians , forgetting that bad news travels faster than negative news. Just criticize the negative attitudes of nigerians known to the world to help cause a change in the individuals or else, whatever u are doing is = cos90*sin0. Nobody hates good nigerians… simple!

  22. The numbers of Nigerians doing well abroad in various professional fields is unbelievable! There is no citizens of a black nation on earth doing well as Nigerians.

    Ajim continue with the good work of not only promoting Nigeria and Nigerians more than we Nigerians but also Africa.


  23. Do u know I like you a lot!! You always says the truth!! One love to all African countries!!

  24. Ajim, you are simple ahead of your time. Prof Lumumba of Kenya once said, if Nigeria suceeds, Africa will suceed.

  25. Does he live the place that allowed my beloved Nigerians to prosper?

  26. Very resourceful one love ajim mazcy🇳🇬🇺🇸

  27. Ajim you are and inspiration ❤ bro one love ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤

  28. Those people will talk about one Africa and still through insults and harass Nigerians lol, so much for one Africa.

  29. Bragging because you are serving in a white man's country? Why not? since your country dont have anything to give to its citizens! You are a small brain blogger because your opinion is to yourself so if you talk about a country never try to mention anybody country as comparism! Nobody will take anything from you because your way of thinking is ridiculous! You are still breastfeeding no experience

  30. Ajim, u're all for the truth, u owe no-one apologies, bro

  31. We love you please continue talking about 9ja you make me love the country more. I love u man

  32. Thanks my brother to spreading truths about Nigeria 🇳🇬. Please can you react and do a research about a Nigeria man with 4 Phds and 7 masters in America. Dr Osato Osemwengie Meet Nigerian robotic expert who makes space drones for NASA. And also makes drones for America military. 🇺🇸

  33. Your passion for Nigeria is something worth acknowledging. Thank you very much. I hope one day many Africans will realised that Nigerians mean well for Africa.

  34. Ajim we are supporting you from naija.

  35. Thank you so much bro,'🌹🌷🧡❣️💜💙🥀❤️🍒👆🤩

  36. Ajim, Nigeria has the population and potential and that's why those organisations are going there. Nigeria population is more than the population of 5 African countries put together.

  37. Nigerians can't oppose you for saying good things about us.

  38. May the good lord bless you richly in all endeavours in Christ name i pray amen

  39. Please do video 📹 on the Nigerian 🇳🇬 American 🇺🇸 man Frederick Akpoghene who is secretly behind the success of Elun Musk the richest man on earth 🌎 now.. Frederick Akpoghene has invented a self drive 🚘 vehicles

  40. You are a SEER Bro, don't worry about what people say do you and be blessed

  41. Bro forget those trash do your thing proudly 9ja one love africa.

  42. You are seeing what other short sighted Africans aren't seeing.

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