Mohbad Wife Confirms Mohbad Kíller Who Was CAUGHT Is Guilty & Why As Pastor Embarrass Mohbad Wife‼️😳

Mohbad Wife Confirms Mohbad Kíller Who Was CAUGHT Is Guilty & Why As Pastor Embarrass Mohbad Wife‼️😳

Mohbad Wife Confirms Mohbad Childhood Friend Was Responsible For The Fìght That Led To Mohbad Being Rushed To The Hospìtal As Moment A Pastor At Mohbad Burial Embarrassed Mohbad Wife At Mohbad Burial Ground…


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  1. I love you,, Imole may ur show being Rest In Place

  2. RIP,, Mohbad Imole 💯❤️❤️❤️

  3. They sealed the grave to prevent anyone doing anything on the grave. The family really want him to avenge his death. Yes they were wrong in not doing autopsy before the burial but the father should have known that Nigeria is not where justice prevail so decide to accept his faith and bury his son. Let him fight for himself.


  5. U knew about it…..he fed u, clothed u, connected u doesn't means dat u shldnt kill me….only those dat close to u can kill u….u lied dat u didn't fight him and d wife said u triggered mohbad anger to s extend dat he hit u and u hittes him with voodoo ring……u will join him soon prime…..Ibrahim u killed mohbad…stop all dis crocodile tears 😭

  6. Good morning nigerian
    Please if you people sincerely
    Iove this mohbad
    Please first thing the body has to be brought out that grave even if they have cemented the place they should brake it please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Bring his body out of that hole
    Please. And go the hospital where he was given injection for more information please

  7. You know alot, I think you should be invited too; atleast to say what you know and give some of your evidences

  8. If they done an autopsy they would be easily able to identify the causes of his death but they didn’t and something isn’t right about that…..

  9. Bro u just need people to watch Ur video, u should be investigated too for jumping into conclusion

  10. Plenty enemies dey around MOHBAD and he knew it

  11. You bloggers are one of the problems of Nigeria. I've been following your videos abt Mohbad and you're just reporting shit coz you want traffic. If this was a sane country na jail you for dey.

  12. E shock me say person no fall inside this thing

  13. God knows every hidden agenda. God will sure fight for this poor guy.

  14. If they want to do orthopsie they can bring the deadbody out if there is a faul play. So hurry or no hurry it can still be done.

  15. He doesn’t even look innocent….it’s such a shame that those that are close to you are the ones that end up stabbing you in the back 😢

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