Mohbad Kìller Finally CAUGHT‼️As Moment Mohbad Was Informed On Stage About Sam Larry Ambush Surface😭

Mohbad Kìller Finally CAUGHT‼️As Moment Mohbad Was Informed On Stage About Sam Larry Ambush Surface😭

Culprit Behind Mohbad Unfortunate Sudden Deáth Finally Revealed As Moment Fans Tried To Save Mohbad Life By Telling Him About Sam Larry Plans On Stage Surface Online..


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  1. Watch How Mohbad Wife Confirmed This Guy To Be Guilty As She Narrates What Happened Between Him & Mohbad On The Night of Mohbad Deàth In Ikorodu..

  2. This man how could he do that to his friend , he has the screen shots and the Video calls he had a chance to save him , so how much was this prime boy paid 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. E lo wu oku re ki o wu gangan ko ja ko pa gbogbo awon ti o lowo ni oku re

  4. Are you sending it as a evidence to naira Marley that you just talk him?

  5. Why are you screenshotting the video call?

  6. He's longer throat nd selfish

  7. You people should stop making up video and post all are rubbish mohbad mohbad when the mohbad they alive non of you blog about him or his song so stop using his death to make money .. selfish blogger/content creator😢

  8. I don't trust this guy at all he is hiding something

  9. The guy say he go clear road wetin Dey the road wey he wan go clear ? Abi na him go spoil the road ?

  10. Find the truth before you start saying who kill him

  11. Only God knows who killed mohmad

  12. The story is clear Naira mally and Samy Larry treating both mohbad friend and his father to cover them up by all means

  13. Even police will do nothing, they’re all guilty and corrupt

  14. I did not want to say this but please rest in peace it painful😢😢😢

  15. God we judge you too,if you're involved in mohbad death,you lier look at how you're lying when you know you're involved in killing your friend imole.

  16. Actually this guy no about it

  17. Mohbad my best musicians why 😭😭😭

  18. They should arrest this child hood friend he has alot to say about that evening,,enemies where after mohbad and as a childhood friend they were not after you as well or even sat to talk to you🤔🤔pls arrest this childhood friend first,,Secondly the father why did he hurriedly buried the body making autopsy test for investigation impossible,,thirdly arrest naira,,Sammy Larry if you can still find those ones.

  19. Make una no dey post nonsense

  20. Rip M O B 👍🕯🕯🕊🕊🕊

  21. They have to call his spirit. To ask questions

  22. he is not innocent he is part

  23. You just based a serious allegation on heresays. You guys should fear God and stop making baseless accusations with your Vlogs all for the clicks when you don't have proofs. We were expecting to see the proof of your allegation against the killer in your video and all it turned out to be was pure clickbaits .

    Make una stop am

  24. abeg make dem check well oo say d beads no dey him hands

  25. Thanks very much my brother please do your best to get to the end of this monad issue and get everyone arrested

  26. Pls be careful what u say,how do u know they are drug king pin?????

  27. Abeg make police pack everybody

  28. The father has been settled

  29. Omo na pure lamba that him close friend drop for una so oooo

  30. Omo 💔 I've always said this, na only your friends fit get the chance to poison you 😢

  31. What is the reason why you screenshot the video on Saturday?

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