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  1. May his soul rest in peace,allegelly he was attacked physically and spiritually,especially on the mental disorder,also projected to raise an alarm screening that the wife was after his life, provision for evidence was made(reconded)to the extend unfriendly friends where on standby to steel the reconded evidence,o God you said our cup will run over in the present of our enemies.

  2. Any Nigeria man that die,is the wife that kill him,how about when the wife dies it's natural,women are treated worst than a slave in this country.

  3. After keeping N1m, a mere girlfriend. Baba, you didn’t do well at all. Even if you’re not learned, ha ha ! Some fathers like you would do more. You should be the defender, pillar behind him. Now he didn’t suspect! How? You don’t deserve that boy. Glory Nola that you cannot regained our le song yen through your carelessness and atenuje. Ever since this happened, I swear I haven’t had a sleep at all weather sound or good. I kept thinking, crying. Not wish to listen to any music at all. Baba was collecting tuetue from him. Please where is his mother ???

  4. 😅they make more money on his death, due to his ratings higher, now i bet his wife and son wont get a penny

  5. We want to know why he burried him so quickly. No autopsy. And why squeeze him into a casket obviously too small for him>? But the youths are angry and accusing Naira Marley and Sam Larry even when it is alleged he died after reacting to some injection. Not many are asking the necessary: Was Mohbad a Christian and if so what kind? Why then was he associated so closely with the godless? You see judgment belongs to God and he is dead, so let God bring justice. But you are not asking the necessary: when I die am I going to heaven or hell? if you never believed in the salvation of Jesus the answer is HELL. For Jesus is the only ay so if u wanna be angry as a Christian be angry at the many who will die without knowing Jesus and if u really love them tell them Jesus is the ONLY WAY. Many also died the day Mohbad died, you just did not hear of them cos they are not as popular. popularity does not make one death more important.

  6. Naira Maley is a bad guy.Tinubu should find something to do with his boys"area boys"

  7. why did the family hurry to burry him …Jesus

  8. Omo, Different groups are accusing marley another group, accusing his wife, another accusing larry. Who actually killed this guy, i think is left for the police cause me am confuse

  9. The way I see it , even if you’d people cannot be arrested for his dead as of now , they should be arrested for the multiple attacks they did to him and sentence to jail . Killer a killer 💪🏽

  10. The caption 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Now ur all coming out now to tell stories why didnt u all bloggers say all this tp protect him blfore his death. Now tgat his hone fir ever ur all coming out to talk noncence

  12. Father was threatening after his death also

  13. The guy said it all in his song that the father was invited. That was the invite Marley recorded. The father has been threatened that's why he was buried quickly. Autopsy should be done. The father didn't kill him

  14. I am crying!! How can someone be this harassed in a democratic country!!

    The police failed him, the youths failed him, the country failed him, the family failed him and the government failed him!!

    He cried for help and even told Nigerians the name and persons after his life. But all fell on deaf ears!!

    This story I pray will not die down until all those involved in this boys death fished out completely!

    Having a dream seeing some with a gun means someone was after his life!!

    This boy's death will expose many evil in high places in Nigeria in the mighty name of jesus, so much so that many Nigerians will know there is a God in heaven who fights for innocent blood that is shed like this!!

  15. This Sam Larry guy is a confirmed evil. As expected all of the people that's involved in Mohbad's death will obviously come out to deny all the allegations made against them and fake their love for him. It's very unfortunate that Mohbad had too many fake people around him. God will destroy all the evils that cut Mohbad's life short. Very heartbreaking💔 😢

  16. His wife done nothing forget bout that woman she's talking out of envy

  17. Imagine mohbad father was standing and naira was on bed

  18. I don’t think he has a mother. He should have left Nigeria long time before now. His spirit will revenge his death watch

  19. See as person papa 👴 stand Dey talk to you… if you good for house you go good outside❤

  20. Who named him Sam Larry, his name is Samson, Omo eru of Lagos island so stop calling him celebrity, celebrity on my foot, we knows them as Omo Eru in Lagos island rioters family.
    It's so sad there is no justice in Nigeria, we know who is behind them.

  21. In my own opinion d guy supposed don japa for his life hmm anyways may hos soul find peace

  22. Respect to MOH for been there for the family b4 departure,I pray God rise ❤️❣️ another legend Greater than MOH who we rised the family, another SETH after Cain and Abel yawah will speak 🗣️ for MOH❤❤

  23. Who ever is involved in his death by the special grace of God they will surely perish and end with this year (AMEN)

  24. That's Nigeria for you, they respect money more than people's lives

  25. You failed your son, shame on you, see how you buried him.

  26. U dream as a father but u didn't pray over it💔… people just kill the talented boy like that… imole rest well 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Friendnemies
    Record lebel wey don turn cult. You either stick with us, or you die. Naira get hand in this boy's death.

  28. Ohhh na message this guy been dey send give us inform of music o. The first verse of PEACE says it all. 😢😢

  29. I too hate that naira from day one

  30. Naira way isn't pure on this case, the guy still need another jail

  31. I believe his father is bribe already he refuse to speak d truth

  32. What a great loss Nigeria music industry has lost a golden voice RIP 💀

  33. Mobads wife shld get a good lawyer!❤❤❤

  34. I don’t understand in Nigeria why everything they want to collect money? People are so stupid and selfish

  35. May God keep us save oh this life is very bad people God help us all

  36. How was he buried so fast? Hmmm… he had a great voice. 27 is so young. May his soul rest in peace.

  37. Sad situation with mohbad life may his soul rest in peace 🙏

  38. Let the Mohbad father stop the pretend, as if they were all waiting for his death 😢 why won't you say you don't suspect anyone, because you are expecting money and gifts from them, more than your own son's life. That's if you're the real biological father, you need to be checked

  39. Mohbad was too calm and that is why, they got him,the guy went through a lot and he kept quite,

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