Military husband finds out his wife is pregnant mid flight in the sweetest way 🥹

Soldier gets pregnancy surprise mid flight 🥹



  1. I'm glad he was home 9 months ago,, because she looks like she's ready to pop in a minute, lol. I can't imagine trying to have an entire family and their whole circle of friends keep that a secret for 9 entire months!!!!!!!😮😮😮

  2. That idiot should be charged with stolen valor! I'm not in the army but should'nt a real uniform have a name tag or some patches or something to signify want branch of the service you are in??

  3. That is not a standard issue uniform. Why is this a thing? Influencers trying to be trendy and act like they are in the military. Please stop, doing this. You are making a mockery out of yourself and disrespecting the real men and women who have worn a uniform in the US Military


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