Mike Epps on Being Black in America | Mike Epps: Indiana Mike

Mike Epps on Being Black in America | Mike Epps: Indiana Mike

Mike Epps talks about being Black in America. Mike Epps: Indiana Mike is out now, only on…


  1. Man, Epps is funny!
    But, I have known this for 20 years!
    My friends since way back still talk crap on each other..lol
    And, I am Mexican.
    They are not…lol
    Love,my dudes..

  2. Hell yeah I love being black I love it I love it

  3. Give descendants of slavery who were made a permanent underclass #ados #fba #reparations owed to them to level up and level the playing field wealth creates options. Biden just gave away for free over 1 billion+ dollars usa tax payers money to white #Ukrainians that ain’t even contributing to #usa why are the colonisers always broke when it comes to descendants of slavery yet find money for for Ukrainians??? European governments can’t stop giving aid and money to Ukraine.

  4. In Miami a black man told me to go back to Mexico…I’m black

  5. I'm glad an african made sure you knew you ain't Black. You are a fake black ….like the rest of the fake , no slavery, no African heritage having types out here claiming blackness because you thought it would get you better treatment

  6. We living in the Last Days, Everything in these days is about RACE! Yeah I said it!

  7. He said if I die and came back I'll still be a nuggah 🤣

  8. Yes I definitely started on zero. This is why it’s taking so long for me to get where I need to go 😔

  9. Been trying to tell people since the 90's that, many Africans do NOT rock with us black folks, here in America

  10. No where to go? We indigenous to the whole planet.. why get in front of ppl who have no culture , no history, or place to call home, and say some shit like that.. too much information on our story to still be on some ignorant shit in ‘22. Foh .. every where we step foot on the planet is home, fuck what the text books say because we know who wrote those lies .. carry on

  11. I love his suit reminds me of Eddie Murphy…doing raw

  12. I disagree. Mike could go to Ethiopia and fit right in haha. Me and Mike almost look alike and when I went to Ethiopia they started speaking Amharic to me

  13. “You sure you wanna do that again”. Lmao

  14. American black can go back 2 Ghana.Ghana welcomed them since 2019.It was called the year of return.American black can go anywhere in the world.They can live in peace & prosper.A bum in America,can teach black culture.Numrous american black immigerated 2 Russia in 1930.Their grandkids live in Russia.

  15. You sure you wanna do that again 🤣🤣

  16. Africa where?, because South Africans don't even speak like that….

  17. Us brown people are an is everything I swear I love my beautiful brown skin nomatter wat ive been threw thank Godu god u didn't make me white thank you

  18. African Americans are always welcome in Africa. It's never too late to study your roots. Your story did not start when your ancestors arrived in United States.

  19. Mike is funny and this new special is showing who he’s become.

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