Mercy Johnson Childhood Friend Accused Her Of Being A Witch, Reveal Mercy Stole Her Destiny For………..

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Mercy Johnson Childhood Friend Accused Her Of Being A Witch, Reveal Mercy Stole Her Destiny For………..

This mercy Johnson issues is getting serious as the day goes by . It’s been on for 3 days now,
This particularly Mrs ifeoma who is allegedly mercy Johnson childhood friend and former nollywood actress has said so many terrible things and I’m yet to digest it.
She has said a whole lot about mercy Johnson.
She accused mercy Johnson’s…



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  1. This woman called Mrs Ifeoma, is sick in the head, she will soon go mad, be careful what you listen to. For real, she is just sick & must be taken to a psychiatric hospital, mark my words

  2. If you drank the blood as a child. That means that you're a witch as well. Jealousy is a sin.You really look crazy with no tears, really coming from your eyes. Your jealous of her wealth, career and beauty. Shame on you devil woman

  3. Madam go and rest everybody dey find mama like hers, why your own mother nor go buy witchcraft yo better your life. Y'all just sit back and look for people's image to condemn. Looking at you now possible you don beg her money to buy drugs she nor gree den you are coming out with this. You go try loyal whether Dem fit make you maiden for coven 😂 broke enemies, jealousy that you can't match up. 😂😂😂 My dear go get a life and leave God to expose everyone in his time. Nor help God do e work.mtttttttttxcccccccccwwwwwwwwwww

  4. my question is if mercy decide to report all these allegations to the law, would us say that she is a bad personn? because now she has started to look for a visibility by disgrace and distroy the testemony of some people wife and mother!! If her mum worked on her and proclamed the powerful word on her daughter, who stoped your mum to do the same!!!? who said to your mama to not know how to work on you!!!??? with all this baged in your be, how can you prosper? You can't!! You see…. she is not only attacking Mercy but her late mum and when the nature (Karma) will act against her, she will say: Mercy wickedness!!! Please, go back to ur mama and ask her to work on you!!!

  5. You people should leave mercy Johnson alone ooo enemy of progress who is paying you to do this job you are the person will not end well in jesus' name 🙏 you are a bad person to this country jealousy have taken your poverty brain if you can know witchcraft that means that means you are also one of them you are a devil you are not a friend to my lovely mercy Johnson you are a bad friend to mercy Johnson are you God useless friend anybody that is against mercy Johnson God Almighty will put you people to shame🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. So someone will come out in public and be saying all these any way God have mercy on us OOO the truth will surely come out who is lying and who is saying the truth will come out one day

  7. I like the way she is keeping mute

    Y una Dey talk now if na true

    She be witch go chop ur own witch na mtchewww una sabi talk like this y una no go do protest as celebrity mk fuel price come down

    Bunch of nuisance

  8. If Mercy is a witch, she has achieve a greater height with her witchcraft, unlike other witches who destroy other people destiny Whiles they are not even prospering. Also, if you were two best of friends and there is an issue, that doesn't mean you bring someone's secret out.

  9. Hmmmm. Why now. Leave her alone. She is not the only witch. A friend of a witch is also a witch. Help her to stop practicing witchcraft if you really love her.

  10. Hmmmm haters jealousy everywhere y are you jealous of her if she's a witch na today y don't u say dis since y now leave mercy alone you pple should let her bi i too love mercy even if she's a witch or not my love for her plenty shame on haters if ur life don baje nw u want to spoil some carrier it's not fear after all she's ur bestie y now dis's jealous maybe u don begg am for money she no give u nw the best tin for to do nw is to spoil her carrier dear's God oooooooh we know ur type no bi 2day😂😂😂😂😂😂haters😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂

  11. You are a fool! I am watching another video of yours how Mercy Johnson asked her to call you and she asked both of you to kneel down. You know exactly who they were, why did you go close to them? You are a fool

  12. I thought Mercy mother is alive and living in Cameroon . Which late mother again? You knew all that since and you kept quiet for the longest , why ?