Meet Damilola Olusegun, The Young Woman Changing Nigeria’s Art Scene

Meet Damilola Olusegun, The Young Woman Changing Nigeria’s Art Scene

On Arts and Culture today, meet Damilola Olusegun, a young woman changing Nigeria’s art scene

Her work explores themes such as…


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  1. Does she have a contact on Facebook or Instagram or online where we can buy from her from those living outside the country ?

  2. Art in Nigeria 🇳🇬 it popping out like weeds. Well done my sister keep drawing ✍️ don’t 🛑. God bless you

  3. Watching from U.S how can I buy some of those art work give contact information I need to buy a lot

  4. She needs to put her works on instagram and Twitter and tag big companies that can help her in Nigeria and around the world.

  5. Who agree with me even ant in Nigeria are talented more wisdom dami

  6. Great artwork and talent but she sounds like a civil servant. Don't waste your time trying to tell a Nigerian to value art and market it to those who value it.

  7. You will get there. We love you work

  8. Wow! Nigeria is blessed with great minds ! Huge Human Resources with talents all over the country

  9. May God bless your hand work. This is fabulous wow, this is one of the reason we're fighting for a better Nigeria for all

  10. Wow you are truly an Inspiration

  11. That part touch Dami when you said connection,my dear friend that is why corruption will never be eradicated in that country a child of a poor can not make because his parents are not connected really sad in that backwards country,, that is why that country will never moved forward because people that are capable & knowledge are deny of opportunity,,Dami God will connect you with your helper amen,,a lot of talent have been wasted away bcos no connect,,I weep for that country

  12. May your dreams come through, likewise mine and to many others with dreams.

  13. Please I need your number, big greetings from Paris 🇫🇷

  14. More knowledge and wisdom,may Almighty God continues to protect and bless you.

  15. Dami's may God increase ur knowledge !
    Your art works is so wonderful nd Fantastic .

  16. Damilola Olusegun: Very amazingly beautiful indeed. And you are right: connection breeds corruption; and corruption destroys arts. People with integrity collect arts. Nigerians (Africans) collect people. And that is the difference between progress and backwardness.

  17. ohhhhhh black women,black women.So effortlessly faboulous and just all around wonderful.You are Olodumares gift to this earth

  18. Art galleries and exhibitions of up and coming artists ought to be valued to gain prestigious notoriety as those with accolades around the world globally on an international scale…It's must start in Nigeria with private sector and government backing. The work produce by this young woman is just amazing.

  19. Nigeria can produce talented people sha

  20. How can we contact her.? I will like to buy some of her work…

  21. This is awesome, i'll love to meet this genius.

  22. Interesting beautiful works!

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