Meat for Mecca: Somaliland Exports Livestock for the Hajj

Meat for Mecca: Somaliland Exports Livestock for the Hajj

Every year, the breakaway republic of Somaliland exports huge amounts of livestock to Saudi…


  1. We be doing this for the last 120 years🇸🇴💪😎🥳

  2. There is nothing called Somaliland ❌🚫
    There is only ☝🏾🇸🇴Somalia☝🏾🇸🇴

  3. If you kill animals like this one day coronavirus will kill u

  4. This is pure fucking evil 🤮

  5. The life stock comes from all over Somalia not just 1 region Somalia,

  6. Islam……Pure Evil. The religion of Bloodshed and Terror!

  7. ekelhafte Hammelschächter pfui Teufel

  8. There is no country call Somaliland Somalia is 1 county not 2 stop this bulshit

  9. give me number ali mahmod
    my number .00966 534294917

  10. Shit like these happens in the USA with the mustangs not America because America is a continent

  11. barbariga waa kan ugu fiican hilib ahaan masha allah

  12. somaliland economy is good now

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