Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

“There was an idea…” Avengers: Infinity War. In theaters April 27.

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  1. Back when hulk was in the movie lmao

  2. Where the hell this vfx team have gone??

  3. Still on second number.. KGF 2 is at rank 1

  4. Infinity War & Endgame – the best ever time to be a comic book fan. Take me back

  5. Back when the MCU still meant something 😊

  6. Sometimes I come back here, just to feel something…

  7. Kgf as fillm all fillm father

  8. marvel really went downhill from here

  9. It's insane how this first trailer strayed so far from what we actually got but still hyped up the world so much as Thanos prepared to fly beyond people's expectations.

  10. Even after 4 years comments are just 4 hours ago

  11. thank you for created this masterpierce ❤❤

  12. Why is this on my recommendations 4 years later?? My heart dropped for a split second I thought it was a new avengers movie 😮‍💨

  13. Lets hope Secret wars or something else atleast comes somewhat close to this. The hype. The build. It was a perfect time.

  14. I love Avengers Infinity War😎🔥

  15. When everyone was waiting for a next avengers movie like typical comedy and action scenes this trailer dropped and litrally killed the internet peak mcu

  16. Realize they put the hulk in the trailer

  17. This trailer still hits different.

  18. 15 year old me took this for granted on how good this movie and trailer was no movie will ever come close to getting me as excited as this did😢

  19. Everything was on the line and everyone came together. One of the few times I was incredibly hyped for a movie.

  20. The best movie of all time in my opinion.
    Not just saying it because of the hype

  21. Abey yrr avi yei infinity war mey hulk kaisey dor raha hei
    Wo toh thanos sey dhobi khaa key nikla hi nahi thaa😆😆

  22. Vingadores: Guerra Infinita meu filme favorito ❤️🔥

  23. It’s 2022 and I’m still pissed they trolled us with hulk in wakanda.

  24. This trailer is basic after watching Wakanda Forever teaser trailer. I guess it was all hype…..

  25. It’s so hard to watch any marvel movie after infinity war, they put the standard so high.

  26. It is best film for me

  27. gözümden yas geldi lan

  28. Who is here after almost 5 years…
    It's still gives me goosebumps 😍🔥

  29. I remembered when this trailer came after finishing the final exams for towards graduation. I was so hype after exams has finished as well as trailer came out the next day.

  30. THERE IS AN IDEA that YouTube needs to put a replay feature on the player so everyone can watch this on loop !!!

  31. How the mighty have fallen…

  32. Once the music kicks in, I get chills every single time 😩😩😩OHHMYGOSH

  33. It ended with this movie … everything

  34. i'm here after wakanda forever trailer

  35. Almost 5 years later and this trailer still gets me hyped

  36. can't stop coming back here. Best Avengers trailer ever, the hype was real.

  37. Kon kon aadipurush dekh ke aarha 👽

  38. hulk in this trailer's end 😂 you all got pranked

  39. Eze thanos es muy devil si lo viera llamaría a mi amigo humberto

  40. Dont know why im still wandering through these trailers…🙂

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