Mark Zuckerberg — Founder and CEO of Meta | The Tim Ferriss Show

Mark Zuckerberg — Founder and CEO of Meta | The Tim Ferriss Show

Mark Zuckerberg on Long-Term Strategy, Business and Parenting Principles, Personal Energy…


  1. Youtube’s founders needs to have this kind of conversation aside of this man, i’m more like to see them than this man Mark Z

  2. few. Complete lack of knowledge, the enormous ignorance of all basic ologies we cannot even talk we are so programmed in skul to respond to lies and deflect , and act stupid to continue this fkg empty existence. We were created and on this earth. THIS SYSTEM DENYS THAT AMD CAPTURES OUR LIFE AND BEING.
    it is a fallacy. And a great crime against ALL LIFE.

  3. Scrapping by with very restless parents, who can't give their children this dreamy world and skul.does SUCK. SO BAD. It has gotten much worse.
    Children do live to move and be active and strapped parents werk fifty percent more to try and provide for some children to be more active . It STEAL SO MUCH TIME, and with no knowledge it equals just the fodder the system wants. The food and water and farming is wrong bad and evil. This isn't generational with reasoning. This is systematic useless evil. The system orchestrations do want suffering mayham and brainwashed unreasonable brutes.
    I really don't think you persecute us on fb. You may be a controlled shill or clone. I don't belive the rulers could be human cuz it's common fkn sense to have a garden of eden and STOP KILLING ALL animals and eat some fkn squash. We can't swim rife bike fly kites, canoe. Have cows, is china killing us for past gvt evil cuz we have been brainwashed cuz this country bad mouths every other place on the face of the earth.
    It's true ftw.

  4. Hey Mark, on Judgement Day, what do you think you will deserve for giving America Joe Biden??

  5. dude anyone saw the lips of Zuck in the transistion of @1:22 AND @1:23

  6. Mark is actually human here🤣😂😂😂😂

  7. This interview gives the taste of being a 1 hour long facebook ad. 🫢🤔

  8. Didn't know you were a communist. Unsubbed.

  9. I wished the FB/Meta team used this type of interview as the communications/PR method. It shows MZ in a different light, unshown by mass media; and nuanced perspective on topics that have been presented negatively to mass consumer popn. Really would help flip sentiment over

  10. That can be corrected but that require patients effort 😊🙏❤️

    You guys are trying hard lord 🙏

  11. Tim Ferris is overrated. Never liked him

  12. Ur too fucking spitirual

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