Mark Robinson wins NC Governor Republican Primary

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Mark Robinson wins NC Governor Republican Primary

After Super Tuesday, Attorney General Josh Stein is the projected winner of the North Carolina Governor Democratic Primary and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is the projected winner of the North Carolina Governor Republican Primary, according to AP.

North Carolina will decide between Stein and Robinson for governor in the November 2024 election….



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  1. Eff you Robinson!! Hope you are run out of the state and the country as soon as possible. You are a man that acts like he is godly while preaching hate. Yeah, that’s what god would want, you hurting your fellow man. And all you fake Christian’s out there praising this man, acting like god would hug for it. Maybe you should actually read the Bible you “claim” to follow. Worst people I know call themselves Christian’s.

  2. All these people congratulating this man… I bet not a single one knows anything he has accomplished or the horrible things he has done. Stop acting like you keep up with politics, you don’t care about America. You only care about your cult.

  3. Isn’t this the dude who was spreading conspiracy theories on social media that were absolutely insane? Yeah, way to go Carolina. You have officially proven you are absolute morons.

  4. I think what mostly scares some folks are the ones who are lazy and don't. Want to stand up and do what they have to do. This countries money is gone for we borrow from China just to pay the interest on the debt we owe China. The Credit limit on the Credit Card we hold with China Will run out. It won't matter how your cry. I am not a Rep or Dem but will say this Dems are bad News for this country.

  5. Why did they cut him when he said our Lord Jesus Christ what the heck is the matter with you people if you do not confession before man he will not confess you before his father

  6. Ain’t this the same guy that thinks Black panther the mcu movie was created by an agnostic Jew and put to film by (a) satanic marxist.’ He is also doesn’t like Jewish people and likes to quote Hitler a lot

  7. Very inspiring! Bringing his life experience to people for success! I went back to college at age 45 for 2nd degree as my 1st degree won't help much for my financial need and it definitely helping😊.

  8. Very energetic speaker but let’s dig deeper. GOP Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says that Beyoncé is "satanic," that the 1969 moon landing may have been fake and that there's a ruling class of secretive reptiles. I guess now he wants to be NC Governor to hunt BigFoot.