Maritawana – Chinese Company Finishes Constructing US $100M Parliament Building for Zimbabwe

Maritawana – Chinese Company Finishes Constructing US $100M Parliament Building for Zimbabwe

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  1. Africa must continue to build more and more, and make more, with its own contractors.

  2. Wait a minute, the so called Africans that was supposedly sold into slavery allegedly built America and now they can’t build their own buildings in Africa 🤦🏿🐝1

  3. I think infrastructure to do with national security, that country should build that infrastructure by itself. The Zimbabwean government should not have put it on another country, especially non-african, for it to build their parliament for them.

  4. Nothing is for free somebody is gonna pay for is today or tomorrow

  5. "We have no friends".
    John Henrick Clark

  6. Never trust in those that have continue to abused it … Even if they worked a little bit … Strive to BE and do it on your own

  7. Why can't African countries send their ppl to go learn engineering and infrastructure building so they can come back and build???…

  8. Why don't Africa flip the table on China and do the same thank too them

  9. Alot of these African nations are their own demise…It's ashame they could not do this for themselves.

  10. Ecclesiasticus chapter 7 verse 7 surely oppression makes a wise man mad and a gift destroys the heart. Listen to what the most high said family a gift destroys the heart. You know it's a hidden agenda behind this.who Build something for 100 million and not won't nothing in return.


  12. Why didn’t they have the people of the country build that structure 🤦🏾

  13. Don't trust them enuff said.

  14. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Wake up sheeple. SMDH.

  15. They are strategic Chess players. What did those agreements look like really. Come in as friends building building taking resources then everything for less than pennies on the dollar. Dr. Claude Anderson was right all along as to how the new game is played.

  16. US $100M ?? Nobody especially the Chinese do anything for free. OK what is it that they want in return? What are Zimbabwe" resources and what are they value at??

  17. No one's that nice. Free gift after free gift, but never asks anything in return? Better read Things Fall Apart and Confessions…

  18. Zimbabweans will eat the building 😏😒. Since food is scarce there now.

  19. Nothing comes for free, Africans will never wake up. Where is the pride? It should be a national project funded and designed by Zimbabwean Architects.

  20. These African leaders are dumb. But the west is at fault too for not doing trade and projects with the continent. Now China has come in with their debt trap policies destroying the continent.

  21. I definitely think that the Chinese built that with Nefarious intent in some way, shape or form…. can't trust them.

  22. They need to do 5 million dollars worth of damage to the walls to really check….

  23. These people are NOT playing 😅

  24. Don't believe that crap, the Chinese will do anything to protect their interest. Look at how they treat Africans in their on countries, that should tell you everything you need to know.

  25. Need to keep the Chinese out of the Motherland Africa.😡😡🤬🤬🤬😰

  26. Africa….Black people worldwide have been forever invaded.

  27. African construction companies weren't used because this is where black people are. Foreigners can do what they want in Africa or any dark continent, who's going to do anything about it, the Africans ? We know why there's oppression here, still just like apartheid no one will ever help africans because they won't help themselves. So keep hating American black people as you lose your home.

  28. All I know and trust is Africa should keep a very close eyes on China, I mean eyes wide open and near, not close as 'closed' eyes. Why would China construct such a building for Zimbabwe? What exactly is the catch? What are the consequences?

    Just like China worked on India's telecommunications and India discovered on inspection that there were wires installed in the cable lines which they did not recognise. They carried out investigations, it turned out that the Chinese (in China) could hear and see what was going on around the areas the cables were. When India questioned China, China's explanation was that it was for maintenance purposes. Really? Africa step very fast and hard with China. Also remember Chinese companies no matter which country they work in, are answerable to the Chinese government, i.e. their loyalty remains with its government

  29. Too many African countries are riddled with corruption. Giving large projects to local contractors can end up costing more. I see the same in Jamaica the Chinese are there building roads and other major development over 7 yrs now. A lot of the contractors there do not understand the concept of a contract and the responsibilities of completing a project on time and within budget.

  30. We building with china, some help is better than none.. Africa should partner with whoever they seem as their best interest for the people of Africa. Africa unity.

  31. Great Zimbabwe remains a wonder of the world. So, why did the Zimbabweans NOT build their own building? What is this about???? 👎🏾👎🏾

  32. I wonder how many Africans was/are employed on this project?
    Where is the skill transfer? What's is going to keep them from bugging this building the way they bugged the building in Ethiopia?
    One Love. One Africa. Africa for African's worldwide.

  33. Is this woman really sitting their bragging and gloating about what none Africans are building in her own house? Now my question for Africans, what are you building in your own house? I doubt the Chinese are doing this for the beneficial well being of Africans. So critics are smart to question their motives. Naysayers just are wise enough to see the debt trap in front of them.

  34. China: We swear we didn’t put spying equipment in your parliament we built.


  35. Ok African nations, build a building in China ..oops they won't allow that though..this is getting out of hand and these folks can't be trusted where their imperial missions

  36. There not doing it for Africa there doing it for themselves, because Joe Biden is going after Africa, for himself and his handlers,,pay attention FOLKS.

  37. To allow another country to be doing this in your country is always a mistake. Afrika you have no friends. Its time to take care of yourself. Or continue to be taken advantage of, where your resources are taken, people left poor and desperate, and this cycle will continue.

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