Mana Pools & Lake Kariba – Travel Zimbabwe

Mana Pools & Lake Kariba – Travel Zimbabwe

In this Video Hardus gets invited by Petri for a trip to Mana Pools & Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe with…


  1. Hi Joe really enjoyed this and your guys banter and commentary along the way. Do you guys do guided tours or take passengers/travelling companions with you ie a couple to join you on a trip like this? We’d be self sufficient but just piggy back off you? We’d be coming from America 🇺🇸. Not sure if you do that

  2. Next time go to Zambia – just as good, if not better!

  3. I never be at this place, this place is beautiful Zimbabwe has got beautiful places that will never believe it the country is so beautiful

  4. White men in Africa. You are the ones who enjoy life. There is life in Africa I tell you

  5. awsome video tour adventure with a lot of variety of animals to see very existing you can step out of vehicle walk stress your Legg plus adding some music on the video the keep the audience more enjoyable to watch, thank you. to upload & you to share///

  6. Awesome Joe. Just found your channel. I’m there in two weeks and your video has made me even more excited! Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing

  7. I was fortunate enough to visit Mana pools & Kariba in 89-92 & 97.. oh how I long to return.
    Love from Derby, UK.

  8. This is so beautiful! The video , narration and everything I felt as if I was part of the trip. Keep it up lads! Cheers

  9. Africa getting wasted as wildlife attraction, is a pity!!

  10. The SASOL Bird App ……..

    What is its Full Title ? How many MB or GB does it require & How much was it.

    We will need all of Sub-Saharan Africa (book is way to heavy etc) for Epic Overland from NBO to CPT from Aug ‘22 !!

  11. Great Video Footage ! Excellent Animal shots ! Brilliant Narrative ! Great Job !

  12. Great video. Although I must admit I laugh about lowering the tyre pressure just for driving on perfectly good dirt roads…..

  13. I love watching Anything on Africa ! This was really nice !
    Thank you !

  14. Home sweet home 🏡 land of my childhood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love it so much – – nature at its best 💖💖💖💖💋💋💋

  15. Proudly 🇿🇼 what a beautiful country I come from….

  16. Brilliant video guys, glad u enjoyed our beautiful country 🇿🇼, next trip u need to try Gonarezhou park. BEAUTIFUL AN WILD

  17. loved it guys, learned some things from you guys about inflating tires when driving in gravel roads, we just drive, that's why our cars break all the time😂

  18. Thank you for this positive well edited video without bias and negativity. This is what holidaying is about. Enjoying yourself…
    Thanks again.

  19. Wow, loved the way you pronounce Shona words. Thumbs up

  20. Brought back awesome memories, I also did Mana Pools to Kariba in a "bakkie mate" with my mum & grandad. I was born in Bulawayo & Zim remains in my heart. Thanks for this video.

  21. 🇿🇼🇿🇼where do you get the permit to enter Manapools?? Planning to take my kids back home on holiday. Thanks for this beautiful vlog, love it. Proud Zimbaby

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