Man Warns Africans Planning To Move To The UK In 2024

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  1. How wealth has the British monarchy amassed from looting Africa of its human and mineral wealth . Tell the British to give back what they looted from Africa. Then they can tell someone to go back to Africa.

  2. Im british, its not like that, weve got Ghanian neoghbours, were friends, stop stirring up hatred, weve no problems with peoples who have similar values as us, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. They are so quick to tell someone to go back when they are indigenous to no place on this planet so if someone told them to go back where would they go to the caves in the caucus mountains

  4. When africans come to the united States, they feel like they are privileged.
    They come with the arrogance and they find out you black you will be treated as such so if need to go back to Africa I say GO😅


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