Mainstream Media Disingenuous Headline Regarding Uganda's Arrests

Mainstream Media Disingenuous Headline Regarding Uganda's Arrests

Wongel Zelalem reports on the mainstream media running a disingenuous headline regarding Uganda’s arrests.


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  1. Calling them out achieves nothing.

  2. I love and agree with President Museveni. He explains it so plain that even a fool can understand it. Notice, how America Journalists like to play dumb. It is call "deception". The very same with the LBGT…, they can be very deceitful, degenerate, seductive, tricky and immoral. Yes, their aim is to spread their immoral ways. The modern Sodom & Gomorrah is working underground in very powerful white supremacist organizations, corporations, churches and governments – pope of rome, hollywood, just to name a few. Please, Please, Black Africa!! Do Not Let Their "LBGT Way-Of-Death" (so-called life)Take Control or Root in the Black African Continent.

  3. Thanks to African media for debunking these lies

  4. "Human rights" imperialism is the new "White man's burden".

    The exploiter will always claim to be morally superior to the exploited.

    It is of course simply incorrect that anyone can be "recruited" into being gay, or "cured" of being gay, and this is clearly meant to punish any public expression by gay people, and the issues of homosexuality and pedophilia are unrelated and all attempts to equate the two are meant to justify violence toward gay people; but this is an issue for the people of Uganda to address on their own. It is being mischaracterized and exaggerated by those with obvious malicious intent.

  5. they willtray to take over you ca never sleep

  6. i tell you all, dont trust the west… nobody

  7. Africa sounds worst than america

  8. It's time we dispensed with Western democracy altogether because its prescripts keep encroaching onto our sovereignty demanding compliance with nefarious Western values. Western Democracy is a TROJAN HORSE used to subvert our lives in all their spheres, to advance Western values.

  9. Afrika has to boycott all western mainstream medias immedialitly!!! The always spread in sane lies without consequences! Stop it!!!!

  10. Typical American style news. They have been doing this type of stuff to black America s for years.

  11. I'm tired of mainstream media. Thank you sister for this info❤

  12. Uganda 🇺🇬 is belongs to Africa not belongs to the west viva ❤museveni viva Uganda ❤❤❤🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩


  14. They RAPED a Man and a Child. That's "A DEATH PENALTY". What Satan's IMPs want is Black People ACCEPTING HOMOSEXAULITY so the Graftedman can come "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" in Africa.

  15. Let Africans sort their matters out the way they want to.

  16. This is how Satan causes confusion, which can lead to somebody's destruction ( outside of the 2 prisoners) and should those 2 prisoners get put down, u may have to add another person(s) who was misinformed about this event. And those lives would be taken/stolen. All bcuz of a click bate headline. Do your best, everybody, to c how careless the mainstream media is.

  17. this lady is such a blatant homophobe I wouldnt trust her commentary either the awful law passed by the failure president of
    HateGanda is pretty clear
    hopefully all these death mongering countries will get kicked out of the Commonwealth at very least
    and all govts with any shred of humanty will cease any interaction with them

  18. Just because the media is dishonest against Africans doesn’t mean Museveni is not a dictator who killed several Ugandans and some of why have never been discovered to date. This Lunatic has been in power for almost 5 decades and now wants to install his son. What a shame.

  19. …there is no need to explain or apologize to the rest of the world for doing the right thing.For punishing evil wicked abominable sin.

  20. when white people came from black black people always have to answer to white people

  21. Im dure if you fog deep all these African boys were turned inside out by men from the Netherlands for a few coins! To eat.. I read that was going on way back in the 80's… BOER's were doing this in SA!

  22. Basically they are RAPIST,! they were raping the 2 persons that were unable to defend themselves…

  23. I am for unaliving them.👍👍👍👍👍

  24. Saudi Arabia punishes for the same things, in the same or even harsher manners and yet the West says nothing. Ugandan laws are for their people and it is none of the United State's or any other nation's business. We need to deal with our own abominations and immorality before we condemn others. Good for Uganda.

  25. The people are the reason the media is like it is. Failure to work together and lack of discipline and bigoted partisanship keeps them thinking that they are about the constitution.

  26. They know the truth but they're trying to use their media to manipulate people against a President by assassinating his character through their media
    So they chose to ignore the safety of a minor (12yrs old)
    Just to promote their LGBTIQA agender? 🤨

  27. Genocidal countries should be put down like Germany/Japan in the 1940’s. The Ugandan president sees gays as Vermin to be erased. He’s interview with the bbc as he described homosexuality as disgusting is the same way hitler described the Jewish people.

  28. This is media an atleast you know thats the west bullshit

  29. I think the death penalty needs to be enforced so as to stop others doing the same. Great stuff as always. Thanks for the updates. Peace and love

  30. Great stuff as always. Thanks for the updates. Peace and love

  31. We don't care what the west thinks😠

  32. You can never trust white lies .

  33. shoutouts to Uganda for doing things that makes sense

  34. That stuff is everywhere. Its not about even being LGBTQ anymore. Its about being whatever you FEEL like at the moment. Tomorrow straight next week gay bi. Its not pushed anymore. Its FORCED. TRICKED AND MANIPULATED on us. Every Netflix Blk show has the propaganda.

  35. Gats off and much applause to UGANDA😊❤❤❤❤😊😊🎉🎉😊😊❤❤❤

  36. Tell the ugly truth about the heinous crimes these two men committed. Uganda is sooooooo right 👍👍👍😊

  37. Lady, welcome to the life of American and Europe. If they cannot defeat you with the truth, they will try to destroy you with lies.

  38. The mainstream media is a part of this Satanic controlled Anglo American world of anti-black white supremacy. Facts.

  39. The men are actually charged with SA it seems, and the MSM wants to conveniently ignore that. They're purposely trying to change the narrative so the next round of alleged humanitarian workers, missionaries, and UN workers don't face punishment for exploiting those incapable of giving consent.

  40. The western media and journalists are always working in cahoot with their leaders, politicians and mzungu people agenda. Do not trust what they say. We live in America and we know them 100%.

  41. So when men do these acts to women and girls, is it called "aggravated heterosexuality?"

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